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Paula Dorf Lipsicle Lip Gloss - Bellini

Paula Dorf Lipsicle Lip Gloss - Bellini

Paula Dorf Lipsicle Lip Gloss - Bellini

Hi charming ladies!!  

I was never so much into make up, but I think I am now. I find myself buying makeup these days :P 
I was in Sephora and picked this cutie pie. PD is a known and very much loved brand when it comes to cosmetics and make up brushes. So I indulged and bought myself a couple of products. Lets see how this one worked for me.


Combines richness of a lipstick with shine of a gloss Gives intense color & luminosity. Long wearing and makes your lips look fuller & more seductive.

Paula Dorf Lipsicle Lip Gloss - Bellini


Paula Dorf Lipsicle Lip Gloss - Bellini


I got it for around 1470 INR (Rs.)   

My experience:

It comes in this really pretty lip-gloss packaging and the top has PD engraved on it, which makes it look so pretty. 
As you can see, the colour is like a really warm berry pink slightly moving towards rosewood. I loved this colour the very moment I saw it. They had only 4 colours in this range as this was their limited edition range for something, but due to increased demand they re launched it, according to the store lady.

Paula Dorf Lipsicle Lip Gloss - Bellini

The consistency of the product is very rich creamy. The application is smooth and it glides on pretty smoothly. The applicator is like any regular lip gloss, but I like the fact that they didn’t make the doe foot types which is really mobile. I mean I prefer using these so that I can control the way I am using my product. 
It stays on me for a good 6-7 hours, which I think, is awesome for a gloss. It never bleeds or leaks on me. Due to its pigmentation, I don’t think you even need a separate lipstick. It is also really moisturizing on the lips. 
It does kind of stain the lips, which you find out only afterwards, but then, it looks pretty so I’m not complaining here. 
Overall I feel this is an extremely pretty shade without any shimmers and is perfect for college going girls and for office wear. It makes your lips look plump and healthy. 

Paula Dorf Lipsicle Lip Gloss - Bellini

Pros of Paula Dorf Lipsicle Lip Gloss - Bellini

1. Cute packaging
2. A hybrid kind of product between a lipstick and a lip-gloss. 
3. Rick creamy consistency.
4. Moisturizes the lips well.
5. Amazing staying power, no need of touch ups for at least 6 hours if you don’t lick you lips like I do :P 
6. Does not bleed

Cons of Paula Dorf Lipsicle Lip Gloss - Bellini

1. It is expensive for a lip-gloss but then it is a higher end brand. 
2. Limited choice of shades
3. Availability is an issue but now that we have Sephora in India, I guess beauties from the capital would love to try it out. 

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