Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fab Bag - January 2014

Fab Bag

Hi lovely people, 

I probably need to write a huge apology letter to you guys for not being able to put up new posts on the blog for quite a long time. I had my final exams and I am done now!!! I came home yesterday and mom's been feeding me like nobody's business. :P  So, now that I am back here, I wanna give you guys a big hug!! I missed you all!! 

Coming back to the topic, My Fab Bag was received at home quite a long time back, and I was very pleased with it. The products stand very apt for the month of Jan and I like how they continuously bring forwards new brands in India. I love love love the way they send different types of cute bags every month!! In fact, I guess I am going to do a combined post showing you guys all my Vellvette/Fab Bags till now, would you guys like that? 

Well I know I am gonna stop talking and here you go, all the products that I got for this months Fab Bag. 

PS. Please excuse the picture quality in the pictures as I am still struggling with the lights at home. Hopefully I find something decent soon :D 

1. Naked Potion Lotion

This is a new line by Lisa Hudson. I am quite excited to try this out indeed. :) 

2. Nature's Co. Coconut Cream Body Wash

they sent me the body lotion in the same variety in one of my previous bags, which I haven't been able to finish yet, only because I have a lot to finish. I quite like it though. I am looking forward to using this one :) 

3. Lord and Berry Wet and Dry Eyeshadow

The shade is rather confusing I would say :P Anyways, I wonder why was the brush missing from inside? It was definitely packed when I got it so I think it must have been a little ipsy bit of a miss. I don't mind however because I can use my other brushes. 

4. Nyassa Alphonso Body Butter

yay for Alphonso!!! It smells super yumm!! I am gonna finish this baby off very very soon, and I am quite sure of it. :P 

So these are the goodies I got in my Fab Bag. Please share below what you got in your monthly bag of surprise. :) 

To book a Fab Bag subscription, you can click here Fab Bag. The online instructions are pretty easy to follow. :) 

Warm Hugs everyone!!! 
xoxo :) 


  1. The products look nice :) I would love to try out Alphanso body butter :P
    P.S. Naked cosmetics is by Lisa Haydon :P

    1. hehe....I actually noticed after I read your comment :)

    2. Thanks guys!! and sorry, I guess my Mac loves to autocorrect me :P Will change it, thanks a bunch :X :X

  2. I loved my bag this time :) I think the eyeshadow makes a good crease colour :)

    1. Yes indeed. w-) I guess it would make a good crease colour :X

  3. Great products, enjoy ur goodies :)


  4. gr8 products. i would like to try nakedpotion

    1. I am looking forward to trying it too! g-)

  5. Replies
    1. Yes indeed, I am quite pleased with the products :)


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