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10 Reasons Why you Need an Epilator in your Life

10 Reasons Why you Need an Epilator in your Life: A last minute opportunity to have fun…an invite from friends, a fun party, a smoothie with your crush…but you have to miss out because you’re, how do we put it, not at your smoothest! We hate those in-between days when stubble means you can’t wear your favorite outfit, or you just feel you have to say no to that exciting invitation. Here we celebrate 10 moments you won’t have to miss out on if your skin is smoooooth; because with Braun epilators, you can be silky smooth at a moment’s notice!


New bikini? Check. Shades? Check. Smooth skin? Check. Now we’re ready to dive right in!

Ripped Jeans – A Men’s Wardrobe Essential

Ripped Jeans – A Men’s Wardrobe Essential: If there’s one clothing piece that hasn’t gone out of style yet, it is the distressed denims. The easiest way to bring about this look is by donning a pair of ripped jeans. It’s time to inject elements of street wear edge into men’s daily wear.


Essential Supplements That Can Help You Lower Your Diabetes Level

Essential Supplements That Can Help You Lower Your Diabetes Level

Diabetes is one of the hardest health issues to deal with because it is constantly “there”, but it doesn’t always have to be this overarching concern sitting at the back of your mind. There are many ways in which you can take the reins and control your diabetes.

Diabetes control

Obviously lifestyle choices are a big factor in maintaining a normal blood sugar level, such as exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, and continuous testing of blood glucose levels, but there are further ways that you can use to help manage this disease. Natural supplements provide an easy and often simple solution to those little aspects of the disease. They are a hot topic in scientific research and provide another way in which you can manage your blood sugar level. The bonus is that they can be found at your local chemist.