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Bare Essentials Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

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Bare Essentials Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

About Bare Essentials Nail Polish Remover Pads

Bare Essentials Nail Polish remover pads are very easy to use.

You just need to remove the pleasant smelling pad from the compact box and clean the nail polish. This removes nail polish quickly without creating any mess since there is no risk of spillage.

The Compact pack can be easily carried in a purse. One pad is sufficient for all 10 finger nails. Please close the cap immediately after taking out the pad. Leaving the cap open may dry the remaining pads.


Rs 140 for 30 Pads


Not mentioned. Don’t look like they are acetone free, can’t say for sure.

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In Detail Bare Essentials Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

This is my first time I am trying something other than just a liquid nail polish remover. I got these at my local beauty store and my first thought was, well they sure are pretty costly for 30 pads. They have a mild fragrance which is not exactly your regular nail polish remover scent but some flowery hints.

Now I colour my nails pretty often. So these days I am trying to explore more kinds of nail paint removers. There are 30 pads soaked in remover in this box. The material of the pad is a very soft tissue like fabric. This takes out the nail polish completely without much rubbing on the nails. With one pad, I can easily take out polish from 5 fingers. If I haven’t applied too many layers of nail polish, it does work for more than 5 fingers as well at times. One impressive thing about this product is, that is does not sting my cuticles even if I have a peeling skin tag around the area. This makes me want to believe that this might be acetone free however I am hoping if it were acetone free, the company would be writing that all over the product 😛

Overall I will say that these are some great nail polish remover wipes available in the market. These are a little more costly than our regular liquid nail polish remover but then again they do a pretty amazing job with removing the nail polish.

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Bare Essentials Nail Polish Remover Pads Review 3

Pros of Bare Essentials Nail Polish Remover Pads

1. Simple yet easy to use packaging
2. Has a nice mild fragrance
3. Removes the nail polish really well without much rubbing
4. Does not sting my cuticles
5. Travel friendly. Can carry in your bag easily
6. One wipe works adequately for 5 or more nails

Cons of Bare Essentials Nail Polish Remover Pads

1. Costly when compared to other Nail polish removers
2. No ingredient list
3. I wish it came in a bigger size

MBF Advices

1. If you have sensitive cuticles, this is a good product to try
2. It can be carried around easily without the fear of spillage, so you may consider this while travelling

Will I repurchase this?

I guess I will but my only concern is the price which is a tad bit on the higher side

MBF Rating


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  • Simran March 17, 2015, 7:59 pm

    I remember using the Hip Hop Nail polish remover pads…they were good as well…but much larger than this..would love to give this a try too….nicely reviewed Ankita 😀

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