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Kronokare SmoothEning Operator Body Lotion Review

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Kronokare SmoothEning Operator Body Lotion Review

Claims for Kronokare SmoothEning Operator Body Lotion

If a couple of minutes is all you’ve got, this will nourish your soft spot. Relax don’t panic, lavender is dynamic. These products will repair and regenerate, without getting you even a second late! The essential oils will hydrate, the scents will bloom, lavender is your choice to say bye-bye to gloom. Paraben & SLS free.

How to use

Spread generously from head to toe, rejoice in the natural glow. Go on rub-it-in!


Lavendual Augustofolia, Thymus Vulgaris,Iso Propyl Maristate, Mineral Oil, Glycerine, Emulsifying Wax, Bees Wax, Imid Urea, 2-Phenoxyethanol, Methylchloroisothiaxolinone, Ethylene Diamin Tetra Acetic Acid, Colour, Distilled water.

Kronokare SmoothEning Operator Body Lotion Review ingredients


Rs. 115 for 60 m
Rs. 345 for 220 ml.

In Detail Kronokare SmoothEning Operator Body Lotion Review and My Experience

This comes in a see through amber coloured plastic bottle packaging with a flip top. I am quite impressed with the ingredient list because the first thing I read is lavender extracts. However, as I go through it, there is mineral oils, phenol (aromatic alcohol) and Methylchloroisothiaxolinone aka MIT.

Anyways, so it is milky white in colour with slightly runny consistency. It has lavender smell mixed with other floral scents. I apply it on my body during the day after my shower however I have to say that for my normal – oily skin, this kind of does not feel enough. Also, it does not absorb very easily, it kind of needs some massaging for proper absorption. It does keep my skin hydrated for 2-3 hours and makes it soft and smooth, however after that my skin starts feeling dry. (Consider the fact that I am in an AC environment all the time)

This proved to be an average body lotion for me. I was not fond of its scent, its ingredients or its effects on my skin. I will however not give up on this brand so soon and would try out other products before really forming an overall “brand opinion”.

Kronokare SmoothEning Operator Body Lotion Review

Kronokare SmoothEning Operator Body Lotion Review swatches

PROs of Kronokare SmoothEning Operator Body Lotion

1. Sturdy packaging.
2. Non greasy.
3. Moisturises the skin well for 2-3 hours.
4. Makes skin soft and smooth.
5. Great for beauties with oily skin during summer months.
6. SLS and paraben free.

CONs of Kronokare SmoothEning Operator Body Lotion

1. Not moisturising enough for dry skin beauties or if you are exposed to dry environment.
2. I am not particularly fond of the smell because the lavender smell it has kind of doesn’t smell like fresh lavenders.
3. They need to mention the concentration if they are using controversial ingredients.

MBF Advices

This is a good moisturiser for oily skin beauties during summer months if you are not exposed to very dry environment. This won’t suffice as a hydrating moisturiser for dry skin beauties.

MBF Rating


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  • Sangeeta G May 4, 2016, 3:15 pm

    This seems like a good body lotion to try out in summers.

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