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MAC Girl About Town Amplified Lipstick Review, Swatch, LOTD

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MAC Girl About Town Amplified Lipstick Review, Swatch, LOTD

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick Review, Swatch, LOTD MBF India

If we anything about mac, we definitely know about this much coveted lipstick from the famous amplified finish range, the one must have for every lipstick lover, and my first and favourite from the range, presenting GIRL ABOUT TOWN

Girl About Town is an Amplified finish lipstick from the permanent range. It comes in the regular black MAC packaging and has the signature vanilla scent. Like all Amplified finishes, the texture of the lipstick is quite soft and creamy, it glides on the lips like butter imparting saturated colour in a single swipe. It has a slightly glossy finish, gives full coverage


MAC describes Girl About Town as a bright blue fuchsia in an amplified finish


1450 INR *permanent collection

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick Review, Swatch, LOTD


most popular amplified crème so extremely smooth, creamy and easy to apply without any tugging or patchiness. 🙂 It does not accentuate dryness


incredible pigmentation, and like most of the amplified lipsticks it goes opaque in just one swipe, even highly pigmented lips can go over with one swipe, but if u prefer extra glossiness then, can opt for a couple of swipes .

MAC describes “Girl About Town “as Blue Based Fuchsia with Amplified Cream finish. It is medium to dark cool toned fuchsia which tends to look different in different lightings. The shade is my favourite among all other shades in Amplified range, or can I say, my favourite amongst all other mac lipsticks, sometimes I tend to gravitate towards some other colours for a jiffy, but always run back to my GAT, it is one of those colours that kind of appears o your lips differently based on your undertone, on some people this shows up a little to bluish purple pink, and on some looks more of a reddish fuchsia colour. overall whatever be the undertone, it looks equally flattering on all girls with different undertones.

Some times it does happen, that the dusky beauties refrain them selves from wearing a bright lip colour, but as this girl about town is blue based so its totally flattering on all skin tones, and one the most universally loved fuchsia colour, also that it has a heavy blue undertone, so it makes our teeth appear more white, and that is a major plus for me >>!!!

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick Review, Swatch, LOTD mbf

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick Review Swatch LOTD

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick Review, Swatch, LOTD india

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick Review

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick Review, Swatch

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick Review, Swatches LOTD

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick Review, Swatch, LOTD India MBF

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick Review, Swatch, LOTD Aditi

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick Review Swatches LOTD

Pros of MAC Girl About Town Amplified Lipstick

Most flattering fuchsia colour
Super duper creamy and smooth texture
Moisturises the lips well
Very good on the pigmentation front, goes opaque in one swipe
Stays put for about 3 to 4 hours
Leaves a pretty pink stain after the actual lipstick wears out
Classic vanilla fragrance
Flatters a number of skin tones

Cons of MAC Girl About Town Amplified Lipstick

None really apart from the price 1450 ☹

I totally recommend this shade to every girl of whatever skin tone or age, it will flatter you the most of all choices

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  • Astha November 1, 2014, 6:24 pm

    This looks great Aditi!! Love the LOTDs!! 🙂

  • Arzoo November 2, 2014, 4:07 pm

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      excuse me? I have never talked to you ever before.
      For real, you are doing this on my blog?

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              I hope you understand.

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