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Sarvjeet Singh and Jasleen Kaur, who is right? Who should you blame?

Sarvjeet Singh and Jasleen Kaur, who is right? Who should you blame?
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Sarvjeet Singh and Jasleen Kaur, who is right? Who should you blame?

Jasleen Kaur Case incident court Sarvjeet Singh

If you live in India, or watch Indian news you are probably more than aware of the Sarvjeet Singh and Jasleen Kaur issue. For those of you who are not and my friends from across the oceans, let me give a brief introduction about the incident as per my perception without being judgemental;

23rd August, 2015 around 8 PM near a heavy traffic area of Tilak Nagar traffic signal, New Delhi; there was a conflict between 2 individuals. Ms. Jasleen Kaur, a Delhi student posted snapshots of alleged culprit Mr. Sarvjeet Singh on Facebook almost 1.5 hours after the incident. She claimed that the alleged had passed some unacceptable comments on her and threatened her when she clicked his picture. Meanwhile she had also registered an FIR (First Information Report dealing with a cognisable offence) at the Tilak Nagar police station.

I am not going to narrate the entire conversation because there are 2 versions of it. One by Ms. Kaur where she signals the conversation went in an obscene direction because of Mr. Singh’s comments. On the other hand Mr. Singh told that there was a little conflict because Ms. Kaur stopped him in the middle of the traffic. However he says no obscene remarks were made from his side.

Next day, according to Mr. Sarvjeet, he himself walked upto the police station after he saw his snaps all over the internet shaming him. In fact every news channel on the TV put up this news as the biggest sensation of the century. They went on calling the alleged by names such as “Pervert” “Shameless” “Molester” without any substantial proof against him. They put a blind fold on their eyes and trusted whatever she had to say, and brutally defamed him across the nation. Please note that till now, nobody had heard what the alleged had to say. Ms. Kaur was declared a “Braveheart” and Delhi police announced an award sum of Rs. 5000/- for her bravery, while Mr. Singh was declared a “Pervert” by the media.

Jasleen Kaur Molestation Case New Delhi India Sarvjeet Singh

Sarvjeet Singh Jasleen Kaur Case New Delhi India

Now let me make one thing very clear that right from the beginning, I am not defending or supporting either. My purpose is to set it forward in front of you guys according to my perspective. The constitution gave me the right to express myself. If truth hurts you, you may want to close the tab right now.

My question is, Was she right in defaming him on the social media even before the court’s verdict? Let us consider he was wrong, does it give her the right to punish him by publicly lynching his social life? Tell me, is this less than a crime? Killing a person’s social image must be covered by the law codes, its high time now. If the court had refused to help, may be then one could have taken such a step.

Let us take a look at what Mr. Vishwajeet Singh had to say. He came forward as the eye witness in the whole incident. According to him, Mr. Sarvjeet’s story was correct. He mentioned in his interview that it was Ms. Kaur rather who made unacceptable gestures at the alleged.

Jasleen Kaur Case eye witness Vishwajeet Singh

Eye Witness Mr. Vishwajeet Singh

Reports came forward where there were enough evidences to support that Ms. Kaur was volunteering for Traffic control while according to her interviews, she was on her way home that night. She also seemed a bit confused and rather much aggressive during all her interviews. She gained much popularity whether she wanted or not. Media linked her to AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) which forms the current Delhi Government. She later accepted saying, she works as a volunteer for the party. However she seemed rather annoyed when media indicated towards an election motive behind the incident. Delhi Chief Minister also congratulated Ms. Kaur for her bravery.

Now, I am no one to judge what happened between them. I do not know anyone of them personally. Do I think eve teasing is wrong? YES! Do I think IF Mr. Sarvjeet is wrong, he must undergo trial? YES! Do I think Ms. Kaur was right in posting his images on social media? NO! At least give the man a chance to defend himself before passing a public 302 on him. He may be wrong, but you were not right either Ms. Kaur. The law was made for a reason, for everyone. Let’s rely on Judiciary.

More than Ms. Kaur herself, I guess it was the media who highlighted the incident more than needed. Who gave them the right to jump on conclusions? Journalism as far as I have read, is to put forward the truth or opinions without being biased. But media went on humiliating the man across the nation by calling him names. Biased Media? Well forget about that – This was more like passing a judgement all on their own. It was extremely irresponsible on the part of media rather, criminal when they can call someone with hurtful names like that.

Sarvjeet Singh Jasleen Kaur Tilak Nagar New Delhi India

Mr. Sarvjeet, if you are reading this, I think you must file a complaint against the news channels for passing hateful comments on you on National Television. You must also appreciate some news channels like Zee TV who tried to put forward both sides of the story. I still do not know who is right and who is wrong. I am at loss of words. Its the media who created this drama. This incident should not have been made so big. The media got its TRP and both the boy and the girl are now attending the law procedures regularly. Media went on asking leading questions and in a rage, there were responses which further caused confusion. I am waiting for the court’s verdict. I have faith in the constitution and judiciary of my country. I truly believe that media owes an apology to Sarvjeet and Jasleen for causing a havoc in their lives, to the nation which thought you had done your research before claiming and broadcasting something that delicate. It was the lives of two individuals. Would you apologise with same pomp and show on your channel IF he is proven non guilty?

Sonakshi Sinha Jasleen Kaur Sarvjeet Singh Delhi India

Sonakshi Sinha, an example of true Lady. She considered both sides of the story. No passing judgement.

Speak up against the irresponsible media, I hope may be they realise that what they did was WRONG. Females are not always the victims, Males are not always the culprits and vice versa. It may be a misunderstanding which was used to create a sensational news. It was a fight, where someone may have spoken something bad. The girl expressed her anger on social media, police got involved. If the boy was guilty, he would have realised his mistake, charged or even punished after court’s verdict. But then Media came, and made it an issue such that both the boy and the girl are now suffering a social agitation instead of concentrating upon their lives and career.

Who do you think is to be blamed? The Girl? The Boy? The Media?

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  • Megha September 3, 2015, 10:29 am

    I do not think that what Jasleen did was wrong? Should a girl wait for her be abused and raped then only to approach or raise voice?? and then too she bears the brunt of society and law. The culprits (males) are always defended and saved by one or other way.
    After this incidence people (boys) would learn not to take girls just as piece of meat. its a lesson.
    Social shaming is not wrong….its again a system where you can bring incidences to peoples notice. At least when our so called justice is never done on time. Remember the Nirbhaya Case, Tandoor Case, Priyadarshini Matto Case and there a still so many which are not even reported.
    There are countless incidences in India where females are forced to keep their mouth shut just because they will only be blamed& disgraced later and hence these people dare to commit the most henious crimes.
    This Mr. Witness who came later to put his views forward…what was he doing there that day???just watching??? if any of the eye witness would have mediated, probably it would have not happened.
    I myself have so many times faced such incidences and never put these into public notice which i repent later too. Even you will be suprised to know that some so-called GOOD people/from reputed public departments too does this. But we never nab them.
    If a girl dares..she is blamed, Why?

    • Manpreet September 3, 2015, 11:11 am

      Very rightly said Megha but I also want to say that this incidence was different than the previous. We ourself know that jasleen has been changing her statements on every channel. Even if sarvjeet is a boy he deserves to be heard. guys are not always wrong as a rule. Don’t you think what jasleen did was a bit too much for fame? Taking past examples we cannot judge the present cases. You are generalising like the tv news. If some boys do this you are blaming every other boy in the country. Do you know that last year 54 % of all rape cases were false?? Which means some bad girls wanted fame or other advantage out of it. Does that mean you and me are like that?? No so we should not generalise for boys as well. everyone deserves benefit of doubt. I think jasleen would have taken a video if she was right because everywhere in delhi there are hoarding encouraging people to take video and record voice of whoever is doing wrong things.

      culprits are never defended. culprits are always punished. please go through news and you will know what happened to the accused in nirbhaya case. the law itself was changed to punish the under age guy. social shaming is never a solution Megha. if you want to do that you should be honest and must have the proof which was lacking completely in this case. females do not keep their mouth shut in india anymore. everyone raises their voices. we have to stop being hardcore feminists first if we want everyone to look at us equally.
      the witness himself said that they were arguing about something thats all. their was no physical contact. please watch his interview again where he said that if he saw something serious or physical against a girl he would have slapped the guy sarvjeet. But there was nothing like that. she is just making a mountain out of a mouse.
      I am also a girl and i see how this girl has taken advantage. if girls do this then no guy will come to help any other girl in future.

    • Anisha September 3, 2015, 11:30 am

      Megha why are you forgetting the Rohtak sisters case? Did you forget the mass lynching in Nagaland? Do you know that the guys involved in Rohtak sisters case, his life was completely destroyed. His dad stopped him from going to college and his career is lost. In Nagaland the guy who was lynched had little daughters who were orphaned. WE NEED TO LOOK AT BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY BEFORE JUDGING. Social media is a dangerous weapon, it is a two edged sword. She took help of social media for shaming the boy without trusting the judicial system. So social media is being the judge. If she wanted proper justice she should have at least waited for the trial to occur before putting his photo on facebook.

  • Rachna Chaurasia September 3, 2015, 11:20 am

    The most unbiased article I have seen since the case started. I absolutely agree to your views. Media complicated the whole case. The boy was impolite to the girl, she did not feel comfortable and took whatever steps she had to take, justified. But posting his pictures after FIR was too much. Kanoon ko hath me lena hai ye to. It is like if someone slapped you, you go and slap back. There is no need of police or courts in the country. The boy and girl should both apologise to each other and go on with their studies which should be most important right now at their age. Media will drag everyone into it just to become more popular. Rai ka pahaad is case ko media ne hi banaya hai…

  • Tanya September 3, 2015, 11:39 am

    I agree to this article. Both boy and girl are behaving immature and media is taking advantage of it. Its not the fault of girl and boy. Girl was trying to protect herself from a potential threat and as per the Boy he was not threatening the girl. May be it was the tone in which they spoke was wrong and anger got the better of them. Media made it a skyscraping news. At the end of the day as Rachna said, they must come to an agreement and pay attention on their career. Media must stop playing with innocent lives.

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