Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal 6 in 1 Pack Review

Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal 6 in 1 Pack Review
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Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal 6 in 1 Pack Review

This Pack also known as the Aroma Magic abc face pack is among their newer launches from the Blossom Kochhar group. I have always enjoyed using their products. I love their face masks specially. So, as soon as I saw this, I had to get it.
Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal 6 in 1 Pack

Here the product is introducing itself to you, which is interesting 🙂
I transform your skin in six miraculous ways. I lighten and brighten the skin instantly by exfoliating dead skin cells. I deep clean with activated carbon that draws out dirt, oil and make up. I nourish with restorative minerals and vitamins present in Himalayan clay. I protect with an anti bacterial shield provided by organic essential oils. I gently smoothen and I also tighten the pores leaving you looking younger, fresher and radiant as ever.
Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal 6 in 1 Pack
It is selling currently at 300 INR as an introductory offer. You can get it at a still lesser rates at some online websites.
Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal 6 in 1 Pack
They haven’t mentioned the detailed ingredient list. Though whatever they have mentioned are basically all natural products. The charcoal used is bamboo charcoal powder. It has loads of essential oils in it as well as aloe extracts.
Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal 6 in 1 Pack
How to Use panel says:  Wash your face. Pat dry. Apply skin layer of the pack to your face and let it dry for 15 minutes. Rinse off. You may follow up with moisturizer. Use once a week for best results.
Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal 6 in 1 Pack

My Opinion,
I have been specially loving the new packaging of Aroma Magic products. Earlier their packaging was a little ‘not so interesting’ but I am glad they have added a little concept to packaging in their recent launches. This packaging is especially thoughtful as unlike their other packs, this is in a tube. Tube is of course more hygienic and you have a better control on the application.
I have always loved using face packs. Charcoal face packs are new concept in the Indian beauty industry. Basically Activated charcoal attracts all the impurities, oils and dirt from deep down your skin and adsorb in itself. So when you wash it off, it gives you the really clean feel.
This face pack is black in colour as its supposed to be. The consistency is very creamy I feel. It feels really rich and moisturizing on the skin. I like to apply an even layer all over my face and neck and leave it on for around 15-20 minutes.
While drying, this doesn’t give that stretchy feeling to the skin because this has lots of essential oils in it. I wash it off using plain tap water, you may use lukewarm water. I feel it gets kind of messy around the sink when you are washing it off. Your wash basin/sink is going to turn black when you are washing it. It doesn’t leave any stain or anything but still, you will need to clean it up afterwards.
So I suggest using this before going into shower.
Coming to the effects, I have to say I am impressed. This is not just like regular face masks that only provide you the tightening effect, this cleanses my face very effectively. It takes out the oiliness and makes my skin feel fresh. I again like to wash my face with a gentle cleanser because I have noticed, that even after washing the face pack with water, some residue is left at times which is noticeable only when you use a face wash.
I have also noticed a brightening effect on my skin on using this pack. Though the brightening effect stays hardly for 2-3 days, still I feel it delivers a performance at this price.
Summing up, I would say, I have been really loving this face pack and as of now, this is my favorite. I have already stocked up 2 more tubes of it. 
Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal 6 in 1 Pack

1. New packaging is definitely more interesting and hygienic

2. Made of natural ingredients like bamboo, aloe and essential oils.
3. product is not tested on animals.
3. Provides a brightening effect on the skin immediately after washing
4. Does not dry out the skin and in fact moisturizes it.
5. Did not break me out.
6. Can be used by all skin types.
7. Easily available online as well as offline.
1. It is messy to wash off
2. I need to wash my face with a mild cleanser otherwise there is a mild residue left over.
3. I would have appreciated if they had mentioned a detailed ingredient list.
I would say it is a very good buy if you know how to use this right. I have used many high end brands but this works better than most of them. So I would suggest you to go ahead and invest in it 🙂

Ask me if you need any more information in the comments below.Do comment and tell me your experience if you have used this before.

Stay beautiful
xoxo <3
Ashu  🙂


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