Arpita Khan is angry, has a STRONG message for everyone!

Arpita Khan is angry, has a STRONG message for everyone!
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Arpita Khan is angry, has a STRONG message for everyone!  Salman Khan‘s little sister Arpita Khan Sharma had made headlines during her wedding in 2014 at Taj Falaknuma Palace. She is a pampered sister and a loved daughter. She gave birth to a baby boy on March 2016. His name is Ahil. The Sharmas and Khans couldn’t be happier. According to her instagram posts, the blessed new mommy is enjoying vacations at U.S.A. with family. However you will be shocked to see what comments people left on her Instagram photos!

Salman Khan Sohail Khan Arpita Khan

Arpita Khan is angry, has a STRONG message for everyone!

Arpita Khan Hate comment on instagram

Arpita Khan Sharma hate comments on instagram

Arpita Khan Hate comments on instagram

Do you see how some people can’t stop spreading negativity? I mean why do you even have to follow someone if you don’t like them. Internet is a complete world in its own. There is no shortage of negative people here. Popular people on social media have to often face haters. Haters like to post bad comments and try to bring you down.

So when some haters took to Arpita’s insta account, she wrote a very strong message for them. This message was meant not only for her haters but for everyone who likes to spread negativity around.

Arpita Khan Sharma strong message to haters

“And for those people who have an issue with the following: – my pictures, my family, my weight, my face, my colour and what I am doing with my baby boy and how we are taking care of him, and my husband and my lifestyle.
I wonder how jobless and bored are you that you are busy following a profile you don’t like and have so many issues with. Why don’t you do something better with your time and life rather than stooping down to a level of a barking down and displaying a very low character of yourself .. “

I totally applaud Arpita for such a powerful message. She is a lovely girl who likes to have fun and post about her life on instagram. If you cannot say something good, at least do not say foul words. I think she has a beautiful dusky complexion. A lot of people in western countries pay lakhs of dollars in tanning saloons and buy countless tanning products just to achieve a dusky skin colour. Also I know people love Bipasha, Deepika, Kajol who are all known to have dusky skin complexion. So why so much hate against Arpita? Double standards eh? Or may be its the jealousy?

Salman Khan kisses Arpita Khan son

Salman Khan Kisses Aayush-Arpita’s Son Ahil

Arpita Khan Son Aayush Sharma Son

Aayush-Arpita Sharma’s Son – Baby Ahil Sharma, he’s adorable

Arpita Khan shopping baby Ahil Sharma

Arpita Khan Sharma Shopping in US with baby Ahil

Arpita Khan Tatoo on Aayush Sharma arm

“Arpita” Tatoo on Aayush Sharma’s forearm

Aayush Sharma Kisses Arpita on her baby shower

Aayush Sharma pampering his wife Arpita 🙂

Arpita Khan Aayush Sharma having fun lovely couple

Arpita and Aayush – fun moments

Arpita Khan Aayush Sharma holiday

Arpita and Aayush

Arpita Khan Aayush Sharma The Rock

Arpita and Aayush met “The Rock” during their USA holidays.

Arpita Khan wedding photo with salman sohail khan

Arpita’s fairytale wedding in 2014

At the end of the day, its her body, her choices that make her who she is. She is proud of it and her husband is totally in love with her. No one has the right to judge anyone or say bad things to anyone. All I want to mention is, Spread positivity and you will be surprised that the world makes everything positive in your life too.

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