Bath & Body Works Into the Night Shower Gel Review

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Bath & Body Works Into the Night Shower Gel Review: Hello Beauties, I am back with another review and Today I am reviewing a shower Gel from Bath And Body Works from their “Into the Night” range. I bought a few products from BBWs from the ongoing sale on Myntra. I got most of them at 49 percent discount. I am a sucker for Shower Gels and Body Washes and naturally, I like to hoard them as much as I can especially when they are on discount. This way, I think there’s hardly anything left in the market that I am yet to try.

Bath & Body Works Into the Night Shower Gel Review

To know more about this BBW Into the Night shower gel please keep reading my detailed review below.

About Bath And Body Works Into the Night Shower Gel

Evoke natural confidence and brilliant beauty from the beginning of your day Into the Night. Our dermatologist-tested Shower Gel combines nourishing vitamin E and skin-loving shea butter to create a rich, bubbly lather. Gentle and non-drying, it’s the perfect daily cleanser to leave skin feeling fresh and clean!

What it smells like – a timeless, feminine, alluring night on the town.

Fragrance notes – A timeless, feminine, alluring blend of dark berries, midnight jasmine & rich amber in a rich, bubbly lather

How To Use Bath & Body Works Into the Night Shower Gel

Apply to wet skin, work into a lather, and rinse. Can be used daily.

Ingredients in Bath & Body Works Into the Night Shower Gel

Ingredients are not mentioned on the website. They are mentioned on the back of the packaging. However, there is an import sticker (since this product is originally made in the USA and then imported to India, yes it costs significantly higher here) pasted right over on top of the ingredients list on my bottle of shower gel.

Bath & Body Works Into the Night Shower Gel Review Ingredients

Price of Bath & Body Works Into the Night Shower Gel

₹1399.00 for 295 mL & ₹699.00 for 88 mL in India
$13.50 for 10 fl. oz in USA
CA$ 15.50 for 295 mL in Canada
£22.05 for 295 mL in UK
RM 75.00 for 295 mL in Malaysia
AED 70.00 for 295 mL in UAE

In Detail Bath & Body Works Into the Night Shower Gel Review, Swatch and My Experience

The BBW shower gel comes in a clear bottle with a push-flip cap which makes dispensing really convenient. I really appreciate the clear bottle as it help indicate the level of the shower so that I will know when I need to replace my shower gel. I can see that the material they use for the bottle is really good and that the label were using a water resistant material so you won’t have those paper residue coming off when it is wet. There are labels around the bottle which state all about the shower gel and the name of the shower gel is written in golden fonts in front.

The shower gel is light brown-amber in color and the smell is amazing! I feel like I am using a perfume instead of a shower gel. My whole room and bathroom smell fantastic when I’m out after taking a shower. I have also bought a “BBW Into the Night” because how exotic this smells.

The consistency of the shower gel is liquid-y but not too much. We can say it’s semi thick. The gel is not richly moisturizing as claimed but it isn’t drying either. It gives good amount of lather with a sponge/loofah and with the exfoliating gloves as well, and rinses off pretty easily without leaving any slippery feel.

I need only a coin size amount for single application and taking into account the quantity of the body wash, it will definitely last me a long time. It makes my skin feel softer and smoother post wash, but that is what I get with most of the body washes I feel. Also it is easy to wash off and there are no problems like dryness, rashes etc.

The scent of this particular shower gel last longer than many shower gels I used earlier. To intensify the fragrance I also apply the mist and I am good to go. If you have a favourite scent from Bath & Body Works Shower Gel range, then please do let me know, I’d love to experiment more.

More Photos, Swatches

Bath & Body Works Into the Night Shower Gel Review close up
Bath & Body Works Into the Night Shower Gel Review swatch

Pros Of Bath And Body Works Into The Night Shower Gel

Travel-friendly packaging with no leakage issues.
The press top helps get the right quantity with no wastage.
The shower gel has a beautiful scent.
The texture of the shower gel is perfect for a body wash.
Only a small amount of the gel gives good amount of lather.
Easy to wash off and there is no slippery feel post wash.
Lasts for a good time.
Long Lasting fragrance (as compared to most other shower gels, drugstore or high end).

Cons Of Bath And Body Works Into The Night Shower Gel


MBF Advises

This is a strong aromatic body wash which I would definitely recommend everyone.

Especially those who love dark berries, amber-y fragrance should try this surely. It works great as a body wash providing rich lather as well as smooth skin on regular usage. I highly recommend this range and I mean it your not gonna regret it.

One last thing, like always, BBW changes packagings every now and then. So here’s the picture of the supposedly upcoming packaging for this iconic smelling shower gel.

Bath & Body Works Into the Night Shower Gel Review MBF Blog

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