Beauty Wish Box July 2014

Beauty Wish Box July 2014
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Hi everyone, if you follow me on my social media accounts, you know I was going to do this post today! One of my most favourite beauty subscription boxes The Beauty Wish Box July 2014 by The Nature’s Co. arrived this afternoon and I was on the seventh sky! I will be honest, I am most excited about the lovely creative boxes which TNC sends every month as compared to the other beauty boxes.


This month the box is this dark bronzy golden coloured box which is ultra cute! Its a square cone box! Look how super nice it looks 😀 I am omg happy with the lovely boxes which TNC sends every month. It has got a little golden lace which will hold the lip/cap in its place. This box is sure sitting in the display on my vanity!

Moving on to the products, this month, they had mostly skin care products and a hair care product. I am going to quickly take you through all the products that I got in my Beauty Wish Box July 2014 and I hope you enjoy the snapshots 🙂


1. The Nature’s Co Irish Moss Sugar Body Scrub
2. The Nature’s Co Green Clay Body Wrap
3. The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Re Firming Lotion

These are the Body care/Skin care products included in the box. I am a die hard fan of sugar scrubs and I have been wanting to try out TNC sugar scrubs since a very long time. I am very happy to receive the Irish Moss Sugar Scrub in my box. I can’t wait to start using it. This one is meant for dry skin, and I my skin is going a little dry these days, so I think this might prove to be a perfect treat for my skin.
The Green Clay Body Wrap is one of the kind of products which I have actually never tried. I am very excited to try this one out. 🙂
Sea Fennel Re Firming lotion, although meant for mature skin, can be used by anyone because it is made of natural ingredients.



4. The Nature’s Co Rosemary Hibiscus Hair Mask

yahoo!! I have been wanting this product for the longest time now! Whenever I go to purchase this, it is out of the stok! But now that I got it in my Beauty Wish Box July 2014, I can’t wait until I try this one out!


5. The Nature’s Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm
6. The Nature’s Co White Rose Under Eye Gel

Chocolate Mint Lip Balm is the Honestly, anything chocolate by default has to be good! 😀 I opened the lid and smelled it, it is pure bliss!! It smells good enough to eat. I am not even kidding. I want to eat this up as I smell it. I am sure this is not going to last on my lips for long, as might lick it off very soon 😛
I am quite excited about the White Rose Under Eye Gel, well mainly because of its name that it is made of white roses, and secondly because I have been gravitating more towards under eye gel these days rather than creams during day time. I want to love this one 😀


So I hope you guys enjoyed this little update about my Beauty Wish Box July 2014 by The Nature’s Co. Do let me know if you have used any of these products in the past.



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