My Best Friends, Sharing a part of my Life :)

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My Best Friends, Sharing a part of my Life ๐Ÿ™‚ : Hi Guys, we hope everyone is having an awesome day! Well we haven’t posted in MBF Cafe for a while and today I wanted to share part of my life with my friends. By the end of this, I realised that it has become a pretty long post. So grab some popcorn or snacks while reading it.ย I hope you guys enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Do not forget to share with everyone some bits of your stories with your friends in the comments below. ๐Ÿ™‚

Astha Goel MBF Wedding Haldi with Best friends

S, me, R

Today’s post is dedicated to my friends S and R.

High School

R is my high school buddy. We have bunked classes and also been thrown out of classes together. Remember when school seemed like an alien planet when your best friend was absent? Yes I am talking of those times.

Astha with best friend Rani

me, R

When we were in 9th grade, our school had the regular annual function, I remember she was super annoyed just because both of us were performing different events. I made some new friends that week. It was saturday, she didn’t give me the extra excited wave of goodbye at the end of the school that day. I didn’t notice much.

Sunday my brother used to watch Shaktimaan (The Indian Superhero TV show) for an hour and that was our break time from studies. I would usually call R and we would gossip about impossible things. That day when I called, her sister said she was asleep. It was 11:45 AM! I still didn’t notice that something was wrong.

Then came Monday, as the day progressed in classroom that day, I was finally beginning to notice she was behaving a little strange. Bell rang, we were off to practice.

As I was in a Shakespeare Play I was reading my lines when I suddenly noticed R talking to my drama teacher. I wondered why she was not in her practice. What do I notice next will restore your faith in friendships.

R was chosen to be my fellow character.

Details: R had contacted my drama teacher that Saturday itself. She got some 6 pages full of dialogues and liners and was asked to learn them on sunday if she wanted to be in the play. So the reason why she didn’t pick up the call was this. Poor girl was mugging up the lines for the entire day!

I was in tears when I came to know about this. Honestly, before that I never knew someone could do so much just to be with me. That day I realised what being best friends means.

Obviously, my new friends were friends with her as well but everyone knew who is the alpha friend now ๐Ÿ˜€

After High School

After High School, I left the school. Rย continued in the same. My parents wanted me to go to a CBSE board school, a more fancy or posh one. This one was a residential school or a boarding school.

I was new girl in the school and unlike my previous convent school, this Krishnamurti school was completely different. Initially I thought I would never adjust to the place. This place was more quiet, full of freedom and yet discipline. This school was based on Krishnamurti’s philosophies. Google “J. Krishnamurti” if you want to know more about him and his philosophies on education.

One day, I was waiting for the director in his office while he spoke to a family. I saw a Nepali family and a girl my age. All she kept doing was adjusting the bridge of her spectacles on her nose. I overheard that she was being given admission in my class itself. I was like – LOL another foreigner in the class!

Astha Goel MBF with her best friend

S, me

Next day, I found her sitting next to me. My immediate reaction – Oh you’re the same person in director’s office yesterday right? She gave me a huge smile, hiding her teeth next second and nodding in confirmation. Again adjusting her spectacles.

Something happened that day, some magical connection. Soon in a few days time, we were announced the best friends of the year. We would bunk classes together. We would eat together, take naps together in the same bed etc etc. She used to get Wai Wai (noodles) from Nepal and we used to hog on to it like a hungry gorilla. My mum would send some aloo parathas (flat bread with potato fillings)ย and we would eat until we became full to the throat ๐Ÿ˜€ . We had exactly same optional classes that we had signed up for – Biology and Psychology. Both of us wanted to be doctors. We often got exact same marks in tests at school and trust me we never cheated. We were the best friends forever!

As 12th grade ended, she went back to Nepal and well my home was only 10 Km away from the school. We were waiting for our boards results talking to each other every single day on phone or internet. I got a call from school about getting a national award gold medal from the Indian government for securing top position in my board exams all over the country. I didn’t care. My next question on the phone was – How was S’s result? Did she do well? (Both our parents were very strict for studies)

You wont believe – Both of us got EXACTLY the same marks in 12th boards as well. It was pretty impossible because we had written our exams in 2 different centres.

I got super excited and asked him when do we come. He said – its only for you, only 1 person gets it. I argued because S had literally the same marks. He said she is not an Indian. My heart sank. All this time, I had never realised that my best friend was from a different country. I mean I knew it, but I never felt it until now.

I called up S and told her everything. She was super happy about me. But I felt really sad. I wanted us to go together to collect the award, I didn’t care if they would split it in half and give it to us, but wanted us to get it together.

Well obviously that never happened. My dad and I went to New Delhi, there was this huge hall and there was the president of India, along with lots of other ministers. All I could see was ministers on the horizon. It was an awards ceremony where a lot of students, researchers, scientists and more people were to be awarded or felicitated for different achievements.

I went to the stage, collected my award. I was extremely nervous because this was all too big for a small town girl like me. I so wished S would have been there with me.

After the ceremony, there was a little party in which my dad and I were invited. For the first time I saw such eminent politicians eating live in front of me ๐Ÿ˜€ I went up to one guy who seemed like he was very involved with education. I told him that my friend got the same marks, but they didn’t her an award because she was not an Indian. He smiled and said: she has a bigger award, she has the award of true friendship. I didn’t understand it then and thought to myself – Yaa right, ย crazy government rules ๐Ÿ™ย .

Many years have passed, both of us are doctors now. S and me still talk for hours over the phone or internet. We are still the same. She came to my wedding,ย and was thrilled with the typical Rajasthani style destination wedding.

S actually had to come to India 15 days before my wedding because of my constant nagging ๐Ÿ˜› . R could only attend my pre wedding rituals because she is a teacher and it was exam time in her school. (I am a marwadi and my wedding was a typical Rajwadi Rajasthani wedding, You can check out more on my instagram – @asthambf )


When I started writing this post, I didn’t think I will write this long. So I am sorry for the super long post but I hope I could share a part of my life with all my lovely audience. If you have a best friend, cherish her for life. Also, comment below and share the love ๐Ÿ™‚

Till then, have a great day!


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