Biobloom Products Haul

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Biobloom Products Haul
Hey everyone, I hope everyone is having a lovely sunday and enjoying their day at home with family while its pouring outside *its monsoons in India* πŸ™‚

I did a little biobloom haul the other day. Not much, but I just picked some stuff which looked interesting to me. Biobloom is a relatively new brand in the market. Their products are all organic and they claim to be free from sulphates, formaldehyde, parabens and other harsh chemicals. I did read about a few of their products online, and they were pretty impressive. I thought these would be good addition to my stash.


I know, many of you must think, how big a shopaholic am I? Well, blame it on the genes πŸ˜› Moving on, as you guys can see, their packaging is simple yet elegant. They have these golden rims to the bottle caps which make them look quite classy indeed. I love golden by the way πŸ˜› Well, who doesn’t πŸ˜€ So let me just quickly take you through the products that I got.

PS. Some of you have requested me to add the price of the products whenever I do a haul post, I will try my best to add the prices of the products from now on πŸ™‚ I love you guys for your lovely suggestions πŸ™‚

1. Biobloom Daily Protection Lotion with Sunscreen

I am very excited about this product in particular. I mean we all know the importance of protecting our skin from the sun, we all use sunscreen. But most of the times, we use sunscreen on our faces only. There are not many body moisturisers or lotion in the market which have sun protection. This body lotion has got sunscreen in it and I thought it would be a great pick. The SA told me that this gives a cooling sensation after application, well this baby went straight to my cart πŸ˜€
It has got Liquorice and carrot seed in it which are amazing for your skin. Honestly, I can’t wait to start using this! I love the fact that the bottle has a pump dispenser πŸ™‚

Price in India 599 INR for a 200 ml bottle.


2. Biobloom Skin Care Toner

I am a sucker for natural toners. My skin has been very sensitive recently and I have stopped using many of the things on my skin. I am trying to use more natural products till my skin comes out of this phase. The Biobloom skin care toner has got rose water, peppermint and aloe vera in it. All are greatly put together into a bottle of toner.

Price in India 399 INR for a 100 ml spray bottle.


3. Biobloom Skin Whitening Cream

Next thing I picked up is this Biobloom skin whitening cream. It has got thyme, liquorice and cinnamon in it. I did get a lot tanned in the past couple of months, and I wanted to reduce the tan on my face. I picked this up, and I am hopeful that this would help me get rid of the tan.

Price in India 699 INR for a 50 g tub.


4. Biobloom Under Eye Gel

I bought this only because the ingredient list was super impressive! I mostly make my own eye cream but this baby had all the nice ingredients in it. It had Vitamin A, E and C. It has cucumber juice, green tea extracts etc. Who wouldn’t want all this goodness. Another reason was, because this comes in a gel form, it can be used during day time when I want to keep the stickiness away from my face.
PS. I have oily-combination skin.

Price in Inda 259 INR for a 15 g tub.


I hope you guys enjoyed my little purchase from this brand. Do let me know about your experience with Biobloom.

MBF Secrets shared: We have a huge giveaway coming, and we are including a hair care kit from this brand. πŸ˜€ Stay connected to us on our social media to get the fastest updates! You can find the links to our social media accounts on the sidebar of this page πŸ˜€

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  1. nice haul.. i am leaning towards 100% organic products and searching for such brands.. will be waiting for ur reviews πŸ™‚


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