BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub Review

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BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub Review

BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub Review label

About Biocare Coffee Gel Scrub

Cleanses and nourishes your skin, Enriched with natural properties of Coffee Beans, Remove blemishes from your skin, Makes your skin soft and supple.

BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub Review

Price in India

Rs 299 for 500 ml, there are various websites selling it at lesser prices


BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub Review India

In Detail BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub Review

I purchased this scrub about two months back because I was very attracted to coffee scrubs and this seemed like an affordable one. I got this online and I was really excited to use this. Comes in a simple tub jar packaging with a screw lip. Because the brim of the jar is narrower than the body of the jar, it is not very comfortable to use.

The consistency of the scrub is very gritty. Suspended in a gel like base, the scrub particles are tiny and very gritty. Also they are not concentrated, but are more scattered. I do need more than usual amount because the scrub particles are so sparse. On application, this does foam up. The smell is like I would say an old men’s after shave or soap. It is a manly smell to me.

I will not at all advice you to use it on your face because the gritty scrub particles can be harsh for delicate facial skin. I use it only on my body. This cleans my body well. Provides okay scrubbing. Not something I would be rejoiced about.

Now, the major concern is where is the coffee? I do not smell coffee, the scrub particles seem to be derived from apricot shells because they are so gritty. I don’t see coffee no where. I am kind of disappointed because I was hoping to get some awesome coffee scrub but this turned out to be a apricot scrub basically in coffee colour.

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PS. The pictures are taken by my love Astha 😀

Pros of BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub

1. Scrubs the body well
2. Did not cause any irritation on my skin
3. Beauties who enjoy gritty scrub may like this

Cons of BioCare Coffee Gel Scrub

1. The packaging makes it difficult to use
2. Where is the cofee???
3. Very gritty and harsh for delicate or sensitive skin
4. Bulky packaging
5. Smells like men’s after shave
6. Not suitable for facial skin

Will I repurchase this?

I will not purchase anything from this brand without reading a review beforehand

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Ankita Singh

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