The Body Shop SPA Wisdom Blissful Body Cleanser

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The Body Shop SPA Wisdom Blissful Body Cleanser

Hello ladies, how are you all doing ?

Its been like over a month now that I have been trying to do this review. I mean we all know, how something or the other comes up and you can’t make up your mind for just that one product of which you had clicked pictures long back. 😀 Anyways moving on, I am going to review this Spa range product from TBS which is The Body Shop SPA Wisdom Blissful Body Cleanser

This product is actually flicked from my mother who happens to be a fan of The Body Shop like myself 😀 She keeps travelling etc so she has the best collections in her vanity. When I go home, I make sure I poke my nose into all her stuff and I love how she lets me do it. So yeah I mostly beg borrow and steal anything and everything from my mum the great 😀 She must have a smile on her face when she reads this 😀

The Body Shop SPA Wisdom Blissful Body Cleanser

Anyways enough of ramblings 😀 Let us just get on with our product review.

Product Description:

Drift away with skin softening coconut milk, refining bamboo extract and moisturising community trade organic beeswax from Zambia. With skin softening and cleansing properties, this beautiful balm leaves the skin feeling soft and refined. An exotic way to treat and cleanse the skin.

How to Use:

Massage into wet or dry skin, rinse. If product gets in eyes, rinse with clean water.


Now, I am not sure about the price in India because as I mentioned, I did not buy this product. 😀 However, I tried to find out and it was approximately 14-15 GBP which is around 1500 INR

The Body Shop Spa Wisdom body cleanserthe body shop india

My Experience with The Body Shop SPA Wisdom Blissful Body Cleanser:

This product was one among the The Body Shop very limited edition ranges. I am not sure if it was launched in India at all. Let me know if any of you lovely people spotted it in any of Indian stores.

When I first opened the top and sniffed it, I knew I wanted this in my life. I am usually not a big fan of coconut fragranced stuff but this baby caught my attention because this has strangely captivating coconut smell in a good way. I mean for a person like me who is very particular about scents, finding this product was such a good luck! If I describe the coconut smell exactly, it is more like a faint floral coconut smell.It is light, breezy, tropic, natural scented. I know it sounds weird but thats how I perceive the lovely scent of this product. It just takes me to lovely refreshing beach morning with the sun about to rise. I know! I relate smells to imaginary things 😛

It comes in a regular classic TBS tube packaging which of course is hygienic as well as travel friendly. When I first took it into the shower, I had a hard time squeezing it out of the tube. The consistency is very thick because of the organic beeswax in it and it is indeed an achievement if you get this bad boy out of its den in first attempt. Later I discovered, if I put this under a stream of hot water, it becomes slightly easier to take it out. I then spread it on my palms and apply. This product has very tiny little mild exfoliating particles which are very sparse.

The Body Shop SPA Wisdom Blissful Body Cleanser

I really like to use this usually after my work out because one, it smells amazingly awesome to me and two, I don’t like to use harsh stuff on my skin after steam. I find that it cleanses my body well and gently removes all the sweat etc etc 😛 from the skin. I know it is a little difficult to work with but once you get the hang of it, you are going to love it. Trust me, this is one of my ultra favourites from The Body Shop!

Because it contains beeswax, you guys might wonder if the beauties with oily skin can use it. I say go ahead, everyone’s skin is oily at least after working out. If this baby works for me, it is going to work for you as well ! 🙂 Moreover, my mum who has oily skin loved it.

Pros of The Body Shop SPA Wisdom Blissful Body Cleanser

1. Handy packaging
2. Smells lovely
3. Soothing body cleanser with very mild exfoliating particles
4. Leaves a fine floral coconut fragrance behind which I absolutely love
5. Made of organic fair trade ingredients, so you helping a community 🙂
6. The Body Shop does not test on animals
7. Can be used by all skin types.

Cons of The Body Shop SPA Wisdom Blissful Body Cleanser

1. Might be a little difficult to work with initially because of its very thick consistency but once you get the hang of it, it won’t be a trouble at all.
2. Is a very limited edition product from their SPA wisdom range, so availability might be an issue. They come up with this around the month of Feb or March, so look out for it if it impresses you.

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