Calorie Intake for Weight Loss and Weight Management

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Calorie Intake for Weight Loss and Weight Management: Are you overweight, and want to shed some extra pounds or kilos? Although going to a gym can be very helpful specially when you have a personal trainer however, one can also make a huge difference in their lives just by making some Lifestyle Modifications. Below I have tried to talk about certain lifestyle food habits which will definitely help us and lead us towards a more healthier lifestyle. Always remember that if you are sincere to your schedule, there is nothing that you cannot do. I hope this article is helpful to you guys, please don’t forget to write a comment below and share some more amazing tips on lifestyle modification. Let us all support each other and be the best version of ourselves 🙂

Calorie Intake for Weight Loss and Weight Management

Here are some tips which might prove helpful for you

Taking Right Amount of Calories

For healthy weight maintenance along with a daily exercise routine a balanced calorie intake is also essential. If you take extra calories then you may face problems in losing weight instead of doing regular physical activity.

Also a balanced diet is necessary for effective weight management. Miracles do not happen overnight.

Counting Calories

For losing kilos one need to burn more calories than they take

The following chart may guide you to plan your weight management

Women Lifestyle and Calorie Intake Needed per day

Having a Well Planned Diet

Prepare diet chart with right amount of calorie intake. Include seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet. Prepare daily eating schedule, this helps to reduce over-eating.

A Healthy Breakfast

Regular Exercise

Involve yourself in exercises such as AEROBICS or any DANCE CLASSES to further accelerate your calorie burning process. You can do Yoga or Power Yoga. The idea is to opt for something that you can continue on a regular basis.

Daily Exercise Yoga Aerobics Power Yoga

Maintain A Food Diary

You can also opt to pen down the food items you eat daily so as to keep a check and record of your diet.

Food Calorie Diary

Eating Habits Which Help in Weight Loss

Eating More Proteins reduces cravings and Increases the amount of calories burnt.

Food Rich in Protein Reduce Cravings Increase Calorie Burnt

Proteins serve the best in losing weight. Proteins speed up the calorie burning process and reduce the need for food. The following chart will help you get an idea about the quantity of protein content in some of the common foods we use.

Vegetarian Non Vegetarian Food with their Protein Content Chart

Avoid Sugary and Soda Drinks

Another effective medium to lose weight is to avoid or saying NO to sugary drinks such as cold drinks, packaged fruit juices, soda drinks and many other such kind of drinks with which market is flooded.

Such drinking habits add up to our calorie intake and you end up with gaining extra kgs.

If you drink a can of coke you consume about 150 calories.

Sugar Soda Drinks Calories

Drink Ample Amounts of Water

One can also go for drinking 10-15 glasses of water to boost up the process of weight reduction.
If you drink 2 glasses of water at least half an hour before meal you will automatically eat lesser food leading to fewer calories consumed.

Also beverages containing caffeine such as green tea or black coffee help to further increase BMR (basal metabolic rate)

clean drinking water

Say NO to Starchy Food

Reduce the intake of starch in your food to give up weight.

Avoid foods such as bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc as they contain high carbo and can add weight.
Instead you may try low carbo containing diet which may include spinach, broccoli, apples, oranges, lamb, pork, etc

Say No to Starch potato with Placard

Get Into Healthy Eating Habits

Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of any sort of canned foods or processed foods. Avoid butter or any sort of oils in the food. You must stay away from anything which is fried.

Very Healthy Balanced Food Diet Fresh Fruits Dairy

Initially the transformation may be a little difficult but once you start getting into healthy eating habits, you yourself are going to love it. If you don’t trust me, try to transform your eating habits just for 1 week. You will be amazed how big a difference it makes and that awesome feeling is going to push you towards a healthier lifestyle. 🙂

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