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Fab Bag July 2014

Hi everyone, how are you all this evening?
I just got my monthly bag of goodies from my beauty subscription the Fab Bag. Usually I receive it quite early but I don’t know, it arrived a little late this time. I am going to take you through everything that I got in this Fab Bag July 2014

fab bag july 2014

I love love love the bag. One, it is purple which happens to be my favourite colour, and two it has this tiny little metallic plate with Fab Bag engraved on it. It makes the fab bag look “fab” 😀 I like how these guys change the pattern and style of bag every month. It just makes it so much more interesting and worth waiting for. I really like the bag this month. Now let us get into the content shall we? It is very very cloudy here, and I had a hard time taking the pictures. I hope you enjoy the snaps 🙂

Biobloom Products Haul

Biobloom Products Haul
Hey everyone, I hope everyone is having a lovely sunday and enjoying their day at home with family while its pouring outside *its monsoons in India* 🙂

I did a little biobloom haul the other day. Not much, but I just picked some stuff which looked interesting to me. Biobloom is a relatively new brand in the market. Their products are all organic and they claim to be free from sulphates, formaldehyde, parabens and other harsh chemicals. I did read about a few of their products online, and they were pretty impressive. I thought these would be good addition to my stash.