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The Luxe Café – Luxury has a new address

The Luxe Café – Luxury has a new address

Luxury is finding its way in the Indian lifestyle gradually. But luxury comes at a hefty price tag usually. More often one may end up spending more than what needs to be spent in the name of luxury. So where exactly do we look for the details and learn about what exactly does it mean and how do we go about it. From Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel to Leisure and Motoring, The Luxe Cafe has brought everything under one roof. All the information about that one luxury you have been wanting to invest in, is right here.

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Top 5 Websites to Buy Perfumes Online in India

Top 5 Websites to Buy Perfumes Online in India

buy perfumes in India at low price


There is really one great and special thing about India and Indians; you can get brilliant fakes of any foreign luxury brand. Plus we Indians have the capability of selling even worthless things at unbelievable higher prices.

You go in any brick and mortar stores, and you will end up buying a cheap perfume bottle of 100 ml in somewhere Rs.7000- 8000.

Don’t get surprised, annoyed and feel cheated if something like this happens to you someday.

Instead of scolding yourself, you should appreciate the extraordinary sales talent of those shop owners who are able to sale a product of few hundred rupees in thousand bugs to you! Isn’t it incredible India?

Couponzdeal Website Review : Great way to save money while Shopping Online

Hello my lovely viewers,
How are you all doing? I hope everyone is having an awesome day with their loved ones probably going out for a movie, shopping or a dinner date. Speaking of shopping, we all love online shopping. I mean it has become a very important part of our lives. There are numerous websites out there promising great offers or deals when you buy products from them. Now I know how confusing it is, I mean who has the time to sit down and go through each website for their offers.

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CouponRani – now save money when you shop online!

Hello my wonderful friends,

If you are new to my blog, let me confess something to you I am a Shopaholic. Like its a serious deal with me. I shop online like 6 times a week. Its a necessary evil in my care *wink*

Online shopping has become super popular in the recent years. We have some amazing websites where we can buy products of desire while we are at the comforts of our home, the products are delivered right at your doorsteps! Now in addition to this, what if you get additional discounts on the money that you have to pay? Sounds awesome right?