Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette Review, Swatches

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Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette Review, Swatches: Hi everyone, Colorbar very recently has come up with 3 eyeshadow palettes. At MBF Blog we will be covering all these 3 eyeshadow palettes. Today starting with the first one – The Colorbar Hook Me Up Eyeshadow Palette. I love how brands in India have started coming up with eyeshadow palettes. Its making the makeup world more fun as well as exciting for makeup lovers like me. So without further delay, let us get into our review and see swatches of this lovely palette by Colorbar Cosmetics.

Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette Review, Swatches

About Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette

From super-smooth mattes to shimmer-laced pink and red shades, this palette has something for EVERY color junkie. A palette that not only looks stunning, but is also well suited for a wedding trousseau. The shades in this palette melt perfectly into the skin to adapt every skin tone from cool skin tones to olive complexions to warm skin tones. These perfect shades feature a unique wet/dry formula for a custom & professional finish. Each shade in the palette has a velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power and blendability.


  • Extremely long lasting formula
  • Highly pigmented shades that goes on easily and blends beautifully on application
  • Budge-proof, crease-proof, and smear-proof
  • Safe for contact lens wearers
  • Paraben and Mineral oil free
  • Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested

How to Use Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette

  1. Swipe light base color all over eye area.
  2. Apply medium color on lid only.
  3. Add darkest color on outside of lid and crease.
  4. Highlight inner corner and under brows.
  5. Blend shadow and line eyes with darkest shade.
  6. Make a thin flick with black liner.

Ingredients in Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette

Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette Review, Swatches Ingredients

Price of Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette

₹ 1350.00 for 17.5 g of eyeshadows in India.

2.5 g X 7 = 17.5 (There are 7 shades weighing 2.5 g each)

In Detail Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette Review, Swatches and My Experience

The palette comes in a silver coloured outer cardboard packaging. Inside the palette is kept safely wrapped in a foam box. The palette itself is glossy black in colour. However the body of the palette is made of plastic. When you open the palette, there is a full sized mirror but no applicator. Hence, we will need to carry an applicator or brush separately. For such a steep price tag, I feel they should have provided a decent eyeshadow brush as well with the palette.

Coming to the shades in this palette, there are 7 shades. Overall, this palette is a warm shades palette with yellow, rosy browns, pinks and reds.

Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette Individual Shades Description

Because the shades have no names, I am going to number the shades as you can see in the photo below. Then I will talk about each shade.

Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette Review, Swatches MBF Blog

1st Shade – Its a silvery white shade with a slight sheen to it. Not very pigmented.

2nd Shade – A golden yellow with a slight yellow gold sheen to it. More pigmented that the 1st shade but still not really something I would like.

3rd Shade – This is a very unique shadow. Now the colour intensity here is almost very less. However, on the skin, the colour blends neutral looking like skin. However there are these beautiful silver shimmers all over that steal my heart away. The shimmers are evenly distributed throughout the shadow and give a lovely shimmery look on the eyes without being too overpowering.

4th Shade – Its a rosy brown shade. A transition shade I would say. Not a big fan since it lacks decent pigmentation.

5th Shade – A light satin pink. This one has good pigmentation mostly.

6th Shade – A bright red shade with a matte finish. This one again has a decent pigmentation.

7th Shade – This shade looks more aubergine in the palette however upon application it appears burgundy with a hint of purple. A matte shade but it has very slight silver shimmers.

Firstly, I know a lot of bloggers who use a primer underneath just to intensify the pigment in photos. They do this because mostly brands want them to promote the product. Brands pay most of the bloggers to promote their products and hence they want to make you believe that the product is nice even if it is not. (Just like Fair n Lovely wants to make everyone believe you can become fair like Shraddha Kapoor if you use Fair and Lovely, but we all know the truth and also that Shraddha Kapoor is promoting inferiority complex among thousands of dusky skin girls just for money.)

However, I want to show you the real picture here. I am not going to edit the photos or falsely intensify the shade. Because I feel blogging is all about honestly. Therefore, I want to bring to you the absolute truth about what I feel about any product. Its amazing how we get a chance to share our experiences with makeup products honestly without any restrictions on MBF Blog.

Coming back to the palette, its a struggle to pick enough pigmentation on a brush. In fact, I really have to keep digging to take a decent amount of product on my brush. Upon application, they do blend nicely but while blending, the pigmentation sheers out significantly. So much so that I end up using a lot of product on my lid to get a visible colour pay off. The staying power of the eyeshadows without a primer is hardly 2 to 3 hours. However with a primer, they do stay for around 4 hours.

Overall I feel while the shade selection in the palette was quite exciting, the pigmentation is a huge let down. For a price of 1350/- I think colorbar could have done a little better. In fact I can get a 12 shadow morphe palette for less that this amount. So yes, I am not really happy with this palette. I like the packaging, shade selection in this palette. However the pigmentation and staying power is a huge let down.

While I do feel colorbar is a great brand and has some of my all time favourite products, this palette failed to impress me at all. Like I loved the Colorbar Flawless Touch Contour and Highlight Kit (very affordable & good quality) as well as Colorbar Amino Skin Radiant Foundations. But sadly, not this one.

More Photos, Swatches

Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette Review, Swatches MBF

Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette Review, Swatches Closeup

Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette Review, Swatches hand

Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette Review, Swatches Makeup Beauty Blog

Pros of Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette

1. Love the packaging.
2. 7 beautiful shades in a palette.
3. The 3rd shade is a beauty. In fact I open this palette to use this shade almost every time I want a shimmery eye makeup. I use it over my eye makeup to make everything sparkle.
4. Product is not tested on animals. 🙂

Cons of Colorbar Hook Me Up EyeShadow Palette

1. Pigmentation as well as colour pay off is sad in most of the shades.
2. Staying power is less.
3. Expensive for the quality of shadows in it.
4. Pigments sheer out while blending, difficult to get a visible colour pay off.

MBF Advises

1. You can try this eyeshadow palette if you’re a beginner with pinks and reds.
2. For a lovely shimmer shadow, the 3rd shade in the palette it really nice.
3. Always use a primer with this eyeshadow palette otherwise the staying power is extremely low.

MBF Rating

(I just use this for the 3rd shade.)

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  1. the palette looked beautiful….but the pigmentation makes me sad….not worth buying..thanks for the review dear…


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