ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow Review, Swatches

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ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow Review, Swatches: Hey guys, so my colourpop craze is super on right now. I have decided to review more colourpop products on the blog in the coming days. I truly love the brand colourpop because of their amazing quality products at affordable prices. In fact, if you have seen my previous hauls and reviews, you will know that I do tend to shop from them a lot. Please note that I get all my colourpop products from their official website itself. Today I will be talking about one of my favourite eye shadows.

ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow Review, Swatches

About ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow

ColourPop describes this shadow as a mid tone yellow brown. Finish is matte.

How to Use ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow

For Max Coverage – Use your fingertip and tap shadow directly onto the eyelid. A flat, firm synthetic brush will also work and is perfect for detailed application close to the lash line.

To Blend – Use a fluffy synthetic brush with good movement, dip the tip into the shadow and apply with a “windshield wiper” movement throughout the crease of the eye for a soft and diffused look.

Price of ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow

$ 5.00 on ColourPop’s website. However, beauties outside USA might be able to get it from resellers at different prices. I always suggest all of you guys to purchase directly from ColourPop’s website because they offer easy International shipping.

ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow Review, Swatches Info

In Detail ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow Review, Swatches and My Experience

I think everyone needs a great transition shade for their everyday makeup routine. A shade that would look natural and not over the board. Now my skin tone is medium with yellow undertones. So I always try to get something with warmer undertones. I tried a lot of high end brands as well as drugstore searching for my ideal transition shade. In fact before I found this shade, Makeup Forever’s Speculous used to be my goto transition shade. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that Flutes is an exact match to MUFE’s speculous.

Colourpop’s shadows come in a classic white tub with the shadow pan on top. If it were a pressed powder shadow, I would pop out the pan and put it in a z palette or something. However, colourpop’s super shock shadows formula isn’t meant to be kept in a palette. They always come with an instruction to tightly close the lid of the super shock shadows after use. Otherwise, the shadows tend to go dry and rough. Its something to do with their formula, but I suggest everyone to follow the brand’s advise so that your shadow lasts longer.

Texture, Pigmentation

The texture of colourpop’s super shock shadows is quite unique. They sort of are a hybrid between cream and powder. I say this because they feel super smooth and buttery. Though this is matte, the texture does not feel dry in any way. The pigmentation is pretty perfect. It applies with full opacity in a single swipe. In fact, when you see the swatches below, you will notice that it offers amazing colour pay off with a brush as well as finger swipe. The shadow applies evenly and isn’t patchy at all.

ColourPop Flutes

Now I want to keep the description of the shade short and straightforward. ColourPop Flutes is a medium brown with yellow undertones. This shade is a pretty amazing transition shade specially for ladies with my skin tone. In fact, this shade is my personal essential when I am doing a glam eye makeup. It applies beautifully and blends really nicely even without a primer. Needless to say, the quality of the shadow does supercede some of the best known high end brands. I am forever amazed at how colourpop produces such incredible quality products at such affordable prices.

Finish, Wearability, Staying Power

The finish of the shadow is proper matte. I mostly wear this shadow as my transition shade. Flutes applies well on the eyelids whether I have a primer underneath or not. It does not go patchy and blends evenly. While blending, this does not sheer out much which I love. Also, there is minimal to nil fall out with this shade. It wears well on me for 9 plus hours. Throughout the wear time, it keeps behaving as its supposed to. It doesn’t fade or go go patchy.

Overall Verdict

I think ColourPop Flutes is an amazing shade for all my medium skin ladies looking for an ideal transition shade. It beats some of the best high end shadows in terms of formula and pigmentation. In fact, if you’re in the USA, I am so jealous of you because you guys have such easy access to all the colourpop goodness. I usually have to wait for 15-25 days before my colourpop order arrives from USA to India. So ladies, I would say this product is basically a steal at this price. You should totally get it whenever you have the chance.

More Photos, Swatches

ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow Review

ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow Review, Swatch

ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow Review, Swatches focus

ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow Review, Swatches closeup

ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow Review, Swatches skin

ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow Review, Swatches Blog MBF

PROs of ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow

1. The packaging is fun yet safe.
2. My goto transition eyeshadow.
3. Texture is soft and velvety with amazing pigmentation.
4. Great colour pay off with finger tips as well as brush.
5. Perfectly matte.
6. Blends really nicely.
7. Wears on me for 9+ hours.
8. Beats some high end shadows in terms of formula as well as quality.

CONs of ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow

1. The only CON I can think of is the availability of colourpop products outside USA. I mean if purchased from resellers, the products do not remain super inexpensive after all.

ColourPop Flutes Super Shock Shadow Review, Swatches MBF Blog

MBF Advises

1. You can go with or without a primer with this eyeshadow.
2. The better you blend your eyeshadow, the more flawless it looks.
3. Always keep colourpop’s super shock shadows in their jar tightly closed. If left open, they tend to dry up.
4. Try to purchase colourpop products from their website directly. They often have free international shipping offers. Moreover, international shipping is free on an order value of $50 or more. However please note that you might have to pay customs/import taxes based on your country.

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