Creme 21 Moisturizing Cream with Vitamin E

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Creme 21 with Vitamin E and pro Vit B

I have a combination skin naturally, but it does tend to get dry at times. It gets pretty difficult for me to find a moisturising cream which would not make me look like a fried chicken. My salon lady suggested me this product and I bought it from her.


Creme 21 is a real one-for-all! It makes daily skincare simple and easy: Creme 21 body cream is not only good for your face and body as a daily skincare, but can also be used as skin-protector against cold or even as after-sun care.

Creme 21 is a moisturizing cream based on a rich oil-in-water emulsion. The active ingredient D-Pathenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) is responsible for intense moisturizing, while Vitamin E prevents premature signs of aging. Furthermore, natural ingredients such as almond oil nurture and protect your skin and make Creme 21 a cream for any skin type.

The light and soft texture of Creme 21 makes it easy to apply! Just see how quickly it absorbs without leaving any greasy residue! Cream 21 has a very mild formula that contains no artificial colors and has been dermatologically tested to be gentle on your skin with its neutral pH. The fresh and natural scent adds to the nice and light feel of the cream and also highlights the soothing and caring qualities of the cream.

Suitable for

Dry and combination skin


Creme 21


INR 99/- for a 50 ml product tub

How to Use:

Apply it on your skin in light circular motions, can be applied on the face as well as the rest of the body.

Creme 21

My Experience with the Product

I was quite new to this brand actually, when I heard her say this name, I thought another salon brand products. However, I looked it up on the internet, and well! Creme 21 is actually a pretty reputed german skincare brand which was originally created by Henkel.

The colour orange and the plastic container represented modernity. The number 21, the then-current age the one became a legal adult, expressed that the skincare cream was for young and old, and the whole family.


Quite interesting now, isn’t it. It is nice to know how some of the brands actually give a meaning to their product names. Anyways coming back to our review,

This product comes in a nice little tub with screw lid and a foil protector with the product inside as you can see in the snapshots. This is like a classic packaging of moisturisers!

Creme 21

The cream has a very natural fragrance to it. Quite rightly as defined in the description. If you are familiar with the scent of regular Nivea creams, this smells like its younger sibling. ( I am horrible with analogies) . The consistency of the the cream is really nice and rich, feels creamy when you take it on your fingers. I apply it on my face and gets absorbed really quickly. It does not leave any weird residue or make my skin feels oily and greasy at all although I have combination skin. It was basically a surprise because usually moisturising creams behave like a menace on the oily parts but this beauty did not make my combi skin go gaga. The mild soft smell became hardly noticeable after a couple of minutes, which is awesome because it won’t clash with my perfume 🙂

It makes my skin very soft to touch and noticeably smooth. It feels amazing to touch your skin feeling silky knowing that you have applied a moisturising cream an hour ago (oily/combination skin girls would understand 😛 ).  It keeps my skin moisturised for the entire day. My skin is quite sensitive and this baby has made friends with my skin so well. It doesn’t break me out nor does it give me a constant reminder that I have something on my face.

I have used it during day and also at nights sometimes while I am travelling and this has never disappointed me. I cannot say about heavy make up, but yes you can apply light make up if you don’t use a lot of product on your face. However I would not encourage the use of make up over a heavily moisturised face.

Overall I would say I have enjoyed using this cream as a regular face moisturiser and at times for my hands when they do not need heavy duty moisturisation. I am not very sure about the dry skin beauties as I feel they would need a little extra moisturisation.

Creme 21

Summing up,

Pros of Creme 21 moisturizing cream with Vitamin E

1. Light moisturising cream with very light fragrance.

2. Does not make my skin feel oily or greasy at all.

3. Leaves the skin soft and smooth.

4. Very suitable for sensitive skin.

5. Has the goodness of Vitamin E and Pro Vit B5.

6. Available readily online and in stores, specially in salons.

7. Can be used by all ages.

8.Very economical

Cons of Creme 21 moisturizing cream with Vitamin E

1. Tub packaging, which makes the use less hygienic if one is not very careful.

2. Might not be a very good option for dry skin beauties

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