DiorShow Liner Waterproof – Carbon 098

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DiorShow Liner Waterproof – Carbon 098
Hi my beautiful friends, today we are going to be talking about a lovely eyeliner from a favourite brand “Dior” 
DiorShow Liner Waterproof - Carbon 098 Dior eyeliner

The liner was a impulsive purchase from Sephora and I know, we got lots of affordable ones available in the market, I kind of got attracted towards it because it looked so pretty!! 😀 The SA couldn’t stop raving about it, and I thought, well you know what, this baby is coming home with me !



Diorshow Waterproof Liner adds intense emphasis to the eyes. Presented in a retractable pen, its ultra-soft, exceptionally smooth formula, provides easy, long-lasting wear and incomparable precision.
Carbone or Marine, Diorshow Waterproof Liner adds a finishing touch to a smoky eye
DiorShow Liner Waterproof - Carbon 098 Dior eyeliner


DiorShow Liner Waterproof - Carbon 098 Dior eyeliner


What it is:
An extremely precise, retractable eyeliner pencil.
What it does:
To easily reproduce the ultragraphic catwalk eyes, Diorshow Liner Waterproof offers an exceptional glide and a perfect, long-lasting line. The collection includes a range of vibrant colors for high-intensity looks.
DiorShow Liner Waterproof - Carbon 098 Dior eyeliner


It was somewhere around 1200/- INR 
DiorShow Liner Waterproof - Carbon 098 Dior eyeliner

My Experience:

The liner is available in 6 different shades. I of course picked the black one because it is the shade which I use daily without fail. The packaging as you can see in the pictures is so adorable. It has a auto pencil mechanism, where you rotate the rear end and the product comes up. The mechanism is really smooth. 
DiorShow Liner Waterproof - Carbon 098 Dior eyeliner
The pigmentation is I would say medium, it is not as carbon black as you would think it is by its name. However it is build able. It glides on very smoothly and is a piece of cake to work with. The liner has a very good precision as it doesn’t tend to smudge while you are putting it on. I usually give some 3-4 strokes before I get the desired pigment from it. 
I have worn it for 8 hours and this beauty did not smudge! Not even kidding guys! I mean my liner stayed put (of course without rubbing my eyes that is 😀 ). It looks beautiful as the black is a bright black and not a dull one, if you know what I mean! It brightens up the eye and you don’t have to worry about re-defining your eyes. 
With water, it does go off to a certain extent I would say as you can see in the picture below, it is not a 100% waterproof liner. But it doesn’t smudge around all over the place when it comes in contact with water. The pigmentation reduces at the area where the original liner was applied. It doesn’t bleed with water is what I am trying to say, which is an amazing thing. No more panda eyes! 
DiorShow Liner Waterproof - Carbon 098 Dior eyeliner
With a make up remover, you will kind of have to go twice or thrice before you can completely take it off. Below is the picture where I have wiped it with my Bioderma once. I mean this is quite fine. 
DiorShow Liner Waterproof - Carbon 098 Dior eyeliner
The best part about the product is, it does not irritate or burn my eye at all. Usually it is a pain for me to put liners on my waterline, because my eye would turn red and I have to go in hiding for a couple of minutes before my eye comes back to normal. I got sensitive eyes. Diorshow Liner, did not make my eyes go gaga! 

Pros of Diorshow Waterproof Liner – Carbon 098

1. A beautiful shade of bright black which will enhance your eye make up
2. Long wearing time, average 8 hours on me. 
3. Does not smudge
4. Beauty to work with while doing your make up, glides on like butter but does not smudge giving you excellent control and precision
5. Is waterproof to an extent, does not come out bleeding with water
6. Does not irritate my eyes at all
7. Easy to remove with a good make up remover

Cons of Diorshow Waterproof Liner – Carbon 098

1. Pretty expensive, considering we got some decent liners from various companies at much lower costs
2. It is not completely waterproof as claimed
3. Not easily available

Will I repurchase this Product?

I would love to, I would like to get my hands on the other shades!

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