Fab Bag July 2014

Fab Bag July 2014
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Hi everyone, how are you all this evening?
I just got my monthly bag of goodies from my beauty subscription the Fab Bag. Usually I receive it quite early but I don’t know, it arrived a little late this time. I am going to take you through everything that I got in this Fab Bag July 2014

fab bag july 2014

I love love love the bag. One, it is purple which happens to be my favourite colour, and two it has this tiny little metallic plate with Fab Bag engraved on it. It makes the fab bag look “fab” 😀 I like how these guys change the pattern and style of bag every month. It just makes it so much more interesting and worth waiting for. I really like the bag this month. Now let us get into the content shall we? It is very very cloudy here, and I had a hard time taking the pictures. I hope you enjoy the snaps 🙂

July fab bag

1. Deborah Milano IL Rosetto Lipstick 809
2. Deborah Milano Lip Liner

The most interesting things first. Well, yes this was the most interesting thing of the lot. I got a lipstick and lipliner duo from Deborah Milano. I do agree that Deborah Milano had won vogue beauty awards in the year 2011, I do not see a point in sending me a purple lipstick shade. I mean no where in my preference questionnaire did I mention that I am someone who would try out such colours. If this is the only near luxury sample they were going to put in my bag, at least they could have included a proper shade. I do not know how much am I going to use it. May be one day we celebrate halloween in India, I shall be able to match it with my costume. Or may be I will end up giving it to someone who likes to wear such bold shades. I am not happy with the lipstick shade.
The lipliner is again very dark mauvy plum shade which I am not sure I will be wearing because I am usually a fan of soft corally colours like peaches and pinks.

deborah milano lipstickdeborah milano el rosette  lipstickdeborah milano lipstick 809deborah milano fabbag

3. Biobloom Hair Strengthening Oil and Cleanser Kit

This made me laugh! I mean I just got two full sized Hair Strengthening kits from Biobloom and I was not expecting them in my Fab Bag. Anyhoo, I think I am going to use this. The cleanser bottle is kind of leaking making everything go chip chip around it, but thats okay. I do not want to go through all the lengthy procedure of returning this tiny bottle and getting a new one. I am okay with this one.

biobloom hair care kit shampoo cleanserbiobloom hair oil

4. Votre Day Moisturizing Gel with SPF 35

This is the only decent product which is a part of my fab bag. I am not a big fab of Votre but again, I do not mind it either. I think I am going to use this, and see how this works out for me. Not much thoughts on this one.

votre day moisturising gel votre-moisturising-gel

5. Vivel Cell Renew Deep Smoothing Body Lotion

This was a part of free samples which they have decided to send every month in the box. I did get an email in this regard asking me if I would like to continue getting the additional free samples in my bag. If not, there was an option to opt out and they won’t send the additional samples. I thought it is alright to get such samples because I know I would never buy this, but when it comes to me in the bag, I might want to give this a try.

vivel cell renew body lotion

Overall I am not very pleased with the contents of the bag this time. They need to include better brands in the future bags. A lot of my friends have stopped subscribing to them, but I am still keeping my hopes alive. Lets hope they send me something nice in some bag some month. I would love to know your thoughts on this. Please leave your comments below and tell me if you were happy with the contents or what changes would you like to see in the fab bag in future.


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