Fab Bag March 2015

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Fab Bag March 2015 MBF

Hello everyone, I know it has been a long time since I posted about Fab Bag. Well I had my reasons if you have gone through my previous post. However, moving on we shall be going through our March Fab Bag 2015 in a short while. Who doesn’t love Coco Chanel? A pink makeup bag with a Chanel quote is like the most amazing idea.

March is the month of “Holi” a religious festival in India which is basically celebrated by playing with colours. Google it out for more information about the festival. Personally I was expecting a lot of make up in the March Fab Bag. They did not make it a lot colourful but yes they had a nice little surprise for all of us in the Fab Bag March 2015. Continue reading for more.
Fab Bag March 2015 Coco Chanel

Fab Bag March 2015 products

Fabbag March 2015 contents products

Fab Bag March 2015 India MBF


Let us quickly go through everything that I got in my March Fab Bag 2015.

1. Palladio Herbal Lipstick in the shade Rose Plum

Price 650 Rs

I think a lipstick is a great idea to win over any make up lover’s heart. This looks like a deep rose plum shade with fine golden shimmers in it, by what I can see through the bottom of the tube. I am not a big fan of shimmery lipsticks. I will try this out and let you guys know about how I find it.

Palladio Herbal Lipstick rose plum shade India

Palladio Herbal Lipstick Rose Plum

2. Soultree Kajal in the shade Grey Glow

Price 350 Rs

umm okay, a grey kajal is not what I would have asked for but since I got it, I don’t mind it either. I would have rather loved a black kajal or may be brown or blue. The packaging looks superb so I am hoping the product will turn out fantastic as well.

Soultree Kajal Grey Glow

Soultree Herbal Kajal

3. Inveda BB Cream – Matt

Price 140 Rs for 50 ml

I am not very sure about how the products from this brand Inveda are, but since its a BB cream, I am pretty sure I would love to try this out. Hope the shade matches my skin tone.

Inveda BB Cream Matt

4. Biobloom Hair Conditioner – Orange Cinnamon

Price 699 Rs for 200 ml

Another biobloom product. Like seriously what is with Fab Bag and Biobloom? I like their products but I don’t know I feel as if every other month’s bag has a biobloom product.

Biobloom Cinnamon and Orange Hair Conditioner

5. Fashionography Earrings

Price 249 Rs

I guess this is my favourite item from among everything I got in my bag. I don’t usually wear a lot of artificial jewellery (Marwadi girls are kind of not supposed to wear artificial :/ ) but I do wear them while I am dressing up and stuff. I think these are nice a pretty butterfly drop earrings that would go nice with a lot of black dresses.


Fashionography earrings

Fab Bag March 2015 products earrings

Fab Bag jewellery earrings March 2015

Overall I guess this was a decent bag. The things I liked the most was the bag itself and the earrings. What did you guys get in your fab bag this time?


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