FabIndia Charcoal Scrub Review

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All this time I have been using this product, I can’t believe I never reviewed it on the blog. I love facial skin scrubs and this is one which I always have near my regular face wash. Let’s get into the FabIndia Charcoal Scrub Review.

FabIndia Charcoal Scrub Review

Claims for Fab India Charcoal Scrub Review

Charcoal is well known for its ability to absorb impurities from the skin. This face scrub effectively removes dirt and excess oil from the skin and gently exfoliates it.


FabIndia Charcoal Scrub Review Ingredients


Rs. 250.00 for 100 mL (94 grams)

In Detail FabIndia Charcoal Scrub Review and My Experience

The product comes in a very basic fabindia tub packaging with a screw top. There is a lid on top to ensure the product does not spill out. I am one of those persons who does not like to dip the fingers every time inside a product. So I use an ice cream spoon to scoop out the product and then use it.

The Fabindia charcoal skin scrub has a very creamy consistency with very fine or small granules in it. It looks black like charcoal, with slightly grey hue. when I purchased the product, the sales lady told me to wet my face and then use it. However I use it straight off from the tub and it performs very well.

FabIndia Charcoal Scrub Review lid

I use it every evening when I wash my face. Activated charcoal is supposed to suck all impurities from the skin and that’s why I use it in evening so that it can take out all the dirt or oils from the pores of my skin. Because it has such small scrubbing particles, this scrub is mild enough for everyday use.

It gives a brightening effect on the skin immediately post use. Although the brightening effect does not last for more than 5-6 hours. I have purchased this product over 4 times for regular use because its affordable as well as mild on my skin.

More Photos and Swatch

FabIndia Charcoal Scrub Review makeup beauty blog

FabIndia Charcoal Scrub Review swatch

Pros of FabIndia Charcoal Scrub

1. Contains activated charcoal.
2. Cleanses the skin well.
3. Mild enough for everyday use.
4. Gives a brightening effect on the skin.
5. Very affordable.
6. Easily available.

Cons of FabIndia Charcoal Scrub

1. Brightening effect does not last over 6 hours.
2. No wow factor.

MBF Advises

1. If you have sensitive skin, please test it out before using because this is not completely made of natural ingredients.
2. This is good for everyday use but please be gentle on the skin while scrubbing.
3. FabIndia hardly ever has discounts on its skin care range, so grab it whenever you can since its almost always out of stock.

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