Faces Forest Green Eye Pencil Review, Swatches

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Faces Forest Green Eye Pencil Review, Swatches: Hi guys, hope all you beautiful people are happy and healthy. There was a time when colored kajals were a rave and we would look for some good ones which we could use instead of the basic black kohl’s which were traditionally used.

Faces Forest Green Eye Pencil Review, Swatches

I remember back in college we would apply these dark blue ones on our lower water line and would always look for more options, but only shades in blue were commonly used and available. thankfully that’s not the case and I am not stuck to only lower waterline.

So, I have never tried a green eye pencil and I heard faces has done a good job with this range of eye pencil. So thought why not give this a try.

Claims for Faces Canada Eye Pencil

Tired of boring black liners? Give your eyes a burst of color with these long wear eye pencils which come in an array of irresistibly gorgeous shades. They are soft and extremely gentle even on sensitive eyes. You can use them to give your eyes a dramatic makeover or to just brighten them.  
1 Proof2 Water Proof3 Intense color

Ingredients in Faces Canada Eye Pencil

Not mentioned on the website

Price of Faces Canada Eye Pencil

₹499.00 for 1.2 g

In Detail Faces Forest Green Eye Pencil Review, Swatches and My Experience

I haven’t tried a lot of faces products, just a few I guess and that too over the period of time, and I have liked the quality, prices are okay for not being on the higher side or the lower but what other brands from the same category are offering. Faces Canada itself is a very well-known brand which is available both online and offline pretty easily. And does come up with great offers every now and then.

It’s a nice eye pencil which has color coded cap and bottom. The range has other variants also, I guess it was launched in 3 or 4 shades but I could just find 3. It has to be sharpened, I don’t like to sharpen my eye pencils, I just end up wasting a lot of product, I am not very careful while sharpening and I do like it a bit sleek at the tip, all these factors end up wasting a lot of the product. But you don’t have to have the faces sharpener only, it can be sharpened with any sharpener.

The shade is a beautiful green with hint of very very fine shimmer to it. It’s a nice dark green which pops out when the light hits it, it just glows into a nice green metallic shade. Its very pigmented and doesn’t need a lot of layering, just a couple of strokes will give you the darkest color.

It’s a very soft smooth water-proof formula which goes on easily and doesn’t bleed a lot, it’s a great product both as a kajal for your lower waterline or lash line and as an eyeliner. It dries down pretty quickly, doesn’t bleed easily, doesn’t irritate the eyes in any way or make the eyes water.

I also like to use it as a base for my eyeshadow, whenever I am going for a green lid and needs the color to come out as dark as possible, I do use it as the base. Since it dries down quickly, I apply the pencil on one eyelid, blend it well and then move to the other one. If I try to do both together, it gets very difficult to blend evenly and it gets very patchy and the eye makeup doesn’t come out well enough.

The product doesn’t fade easily neither does it transfer which makes it a perfect one for office use and since its just a sleek pencil you can and just put it in your bag and touch up if needed. Just keep it sharpened and you are good to take it anywhere with you.

Since its water-proof you would need to remove it with a good makeup remover, take a little on a cotton pad and gently remove the product. Removing such products from the waterline is a bit difficult and tiresome. Take very little makeup remover on a cotton bud and with a very light hand remove from the water line, if the product doesn’t come off try using a fresh dry cotton bud to remove the same.

More Photos, Swatches

Faces Forest Green Eye Pencil Review, Swatches MBF
Faces Forest Green Eye Pencil Review, Swatches focus
Faces Forest Green Eye Pencil Review, Swatches skin
Faces Forest Green Eye Pencil Review, Swatches MBF Blog

Pros of Faces Canada Eye Pencil

  1. Easily available
  2. Very pigmented
  3. Travel friendly
  4. Stays for 6-8 hours easily
  5. Budget friendly
  6. Water proof
  7. Doesn’t irritate the eyes
  8. Can be sharpened with any sharpener
  9. Versatile product
  10. Have very fine shimmers to it, gives it a metallic look
  11. Doesn’t bleed, transfers or fade or smudge easily

Cons of Faces Canada Eye Pencil

  1. Difficult to remove
  2. Needs sharpening
  3. Cannot draw very sleek liner with it.
  4. Doesn’t have a lot of color options

MBF Advises

  1. Do not sleep with the product on, always remove your makeup before going to bed.
  2. If you don’t want it to smudge or transfer wait for a couple of minutes for it to dry up, and if you are applying it as an eyeshadow base, blend it as quickly as possible
  3. Use a liner brush if you want very sleek eyeliner. The pencil tip won’t give you very sleek look

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