Faces MagnetEyes Mascara Review, Swatches, Demo

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Bonjour my ladies. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Today I am going to review this hot new launch from Faces Cosmetics. I know, a lot of you are heads over heels in love with the Faces MagnetEyes Kajal. Therefore, I grabbed this beauty as soon as I spotted it on the counters last week. It has only been launched in a few selected exclusive Faces counters, so I am sure it will be available everywhere else pretty soon. Therefore, to know if this mascara is awesome, keep on reading the post. Oh, and I did a demo and have photos attached below. 🙂

Faces MagnetEyes Mascara Review, Swatches, Demo

About Faces MagnetEyes Mascara

  1. Makes your lashes appear longer and keeps them moisturised.
  2. Volumizing Brush
  3. Intense Black Finish
  4. Light wear Mascara

Faces MagnetEyes Mascara Review, Swatches, Demo Blog MBF

How to Use Faces MagnetEyes Mascara

Brush your upper lashes in a download motion & then repeat the some with upward motion. Now,cover your lower lashes well with magneteyes Mascara.

Magneteyes Mascara is a perfect complement to eyes lined with magneteyes kajal.

Faces MagnetEyes Mascara Review, Swatches, Demo Information

Ingredients in Faces MagnetEyes Mascara

Faces MagnetEyes Mascara Review, Swatches, Demo Ingredients

Price of Faces MagnetEyes Mascara

₹ 349.00 for 9.5 g of product – available only in India.

Faces MagnetEyes Mascara Review, Swatches, Demo Price

In Detail Faces MagnetEyes Mascara Review, Swatches, Demo and My Experience

The mascara’s packaging theme is exactly like the magneteyes kajal. Its red from top to bottom with the name written in black letters. I appreciate the fact that the backside of the mascara’s packaging, faces has provided all the necessary information including a detailed ingredient list. The applicator wand has a fat mascara brush on top. Its quite a stout applicator which means its really easy to handle and therefore makes the application process very precise. The brush is pretty thick and holds enough product to coat the lashes evenly. Also, the mascara only comes in one shade that is black.

The mascara hardly has any noticeable smell to it which is great because no one wants to put scented stuff on their lashes. It has a creamy mousse like consistency. Upon swatching it on my hand, it appears to have a semi-dry texture which is a good thing because it means it won’t make the lash hairs clump together.

Faces MagnetEyes Mascara Review, Swatches, Demo MBF

How I Use it

I apply one coat of mascara as soon as I am done doing my eye makeup. Then, I do my blush, lipstick and highlight. By this time (around 1-2 minutes), the first coat dries. Then I do a second coat on my lashes. Love how this goes on evenly the second time as well because it does not make lashes rough or stiff.

Also, make sure that the mascara dries completely before fully opening the eyes because when its not dry, it tends to transfer on the surrounding skin.


I notice an instant lengthening effect when I use this mascara. It definitely lengthens my lashes significantly and noticeably. My lashes look volumised as well. However, the lengthening effect is more noticeable as compared to its volumising effect. The volumising effect becomes noticeable when I apply the second coat of the mascara. The best thing about this mascara is the fact that my lashes look natural and do not appear as if I have tons of mascara on it.

Lasting Power and Curl Hold

It lasts on my lashes forever. I mean until I remove it with a makeup remover, the mascara stays put on my lashes without budging. Love the fact that this keeps my lashes looking long and volumised naturally throughout the day. However my only complain with this mascara is that it does not hold the curls very well. My curls last for only an hour or so. My lashes are not really poker straight so that usually does not bother me. However if you need your lashes curled throughout the day, apply a curling mascara before applying this one.

Overall Verdict

Overall I have to say I am really impressed with a mascara which is this affordable and gives visible results. Hence if you’re someone on a budget, this mascara won’t disappoint you. However do keep this in mind that the lengthening effect it provides is more noticeable than the volumising effect. Other than that, the only shortcoming is that it does not hold the curls of the lashes very well.

Demo Details

In the demo photos below, I do not have any sort of makeup on my eyes or on my skin anywhere except the mascara. I really wanted to show you how this looks on its own because I know a lot of ladies like to put only mascara on their lashes as eye makeup. Hence, you will notice in the photos below how it lengthens and volumises my lashes and yet makes them look very natural. Please note that I have not applied mascara on my lower lashes.

More Photos, Swatches, Demo

Faces MagnetEyes Mascara Review, Swatches, Demo Indian Makeup Beauty Blog

Faces MagnetEyes Mascara Review, Swatches, Demo MBF Beauty Blog

Faces MagnetEyes Mascara Review, Swatches, Demo Applicator

Faces MagnetEyes Mascara Review, Swatches, Demo Applicator Wand

Faces MagnetEyes Mascara Review, Swatches on Hand

Demo with Faces Magnet Eyes Mascara

Faces MagnetEyes Mascara Review, Swatches, Demo No Mascara

Faces MagnetEyes Mascara Review, Swatches, Demo One Coat

Faces MagnetEyes Mascara Review, Swatches, Demo 2 coats


PROs of Faces MagnetEyes Mascara

1. The packaging is user friendly.
2. Stout wand with a thick applicator brush for precise application.
3. Coats lashes evenly without clumping or tugging on lashes.
4. Provides a significant lengthening effect.
5. Volumises lashes to an extent.
6. Does not make lashes clump together.
7. Lashes keep looking naturally long and volumised.
8. Lasts a long time.
9. Very affordable.

CONs of Faces MagnetEyes Mascara

1. Does not hold curl very well.
2. May transfer around until it dries completely.
3. Effects are not very dramatic.

MBF Advises

1. Make sure the mascara has tried completely before fully opening your eyes otherwise it may budge around a bit.
2. Do not use very hot tools to curl your lashes because the lash hair are really fragile.
3. Make sure to use a makeup remover which removes the mascara without tugging. Otherwise, you can also take some coconut oil or pure almond oil on a cotton pad and gently remove the mascara in downward motions. Make sure to be very gentle while removing any mascara. It does take sometime but trust me, your lashes will thank you for it. 🙂

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