Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin Fairness Cream Review

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Hi to all the awesome ladies reading this. I am writing on MBF after a long time. I actually had exams so was trying to study all this time. Today I will review a very controversial product which is very famous in the Indian market.

Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin Fairness Cream Review

People say that it is only South East asian countries or Indian sub continent who are obsessed about fair skin. But I always had a doubt. Even in the western countries I have heard that they used to discriminate the Afro-American race from the white people. Although it is worth so much praise that US is a racism free nation now. I really wish the same happens in our country and our neighbours. I really wish for the day when the mother of a boy stops looking for a fair skin girl overlooking all her other qualities.

Things have started to change in a good note in India where beauty blogs like MBF and many more have started to encourage girls to be proud of their own skin tone. Remember, unless you are proud of yourself, no one else is going to appreciate you. So cherish yourself and be happy about the qualities God gave you.

With that piece of my heart, I wish to begin with the review today.

Claims about Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin Cream

New Fair & Lovely Advanced Multivitamin™ targets the same fairness problems as 5 EXPERT FAIRNESS TREATMENTS

LASER like precision on skin marks
FACE POLISH like targeting of skin tan
FACE PEEL like targeting of dullness
ANTIOXIDANT lightening action on dark circles
VITAMIN MASK lightening of skin color


Rs 125/- for 80 g


Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin Fairness Cream Ingredients

In Detail Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin Fairness Cream Review and My Experience

Fair and lovely is a very old brand which started selling its products before 1980. Since the beginning, their advertisements have been very misleading. They advertise it as a fairness cream all over the media. Remember seeing on TV how a dusky skin tone girl does not get a job but as soon as she puts Fair and Lovely, she becomes fair (I think plastic surgery 😛 ) and then she gets the job. They have specially been using Airhostess as their model. But let me tell you dear friends, even dusky skin tone girls are amazing air hostess. I have seen so many amazing sweet air crew members who looked so beautiful with amazing polite behaviour and most of them had dusky skin tone. Its not the skin, but it is the inner beauty which makes us beautiful.

This cream comes in a tube packaging with a pink cap. The front is pretty much plain. The back side has all information. They say it does not contain any harmful chemicals or bleach and that is a good thing. However, the ingredient list looks full or ingredients which sound greek and latin to me.

The cream has a soft texture with a classic fair and lovely aroma. The smell is like a cosmetic with some florals in it. I got this cream mainly to see if it really worked. I have a dusky skin tone. I recently got a lot tanned, so I though may be i’ll try and see if this can remove my skin tan. By skin is more like combination skin with more on the oily side.

How I Use it

I have been using it twice daily, I take a pea sized amount and spread it all over my face and neck area. This usually leaves a white cast like layer on the face upon application which gives an illusion of brightening. However, trust me it doesn’t look so good from near. Upon blending or massaging the cream for a while the white cast reduces from the face. I have an acne prone skin but this did not break me out. It did not heal the existing break outs but did not give me new break outs which is such a relief.


It kind of gives a matte effect on the face for an hour after application. But after that, it does not control the oil specially on the upper lips and nose. My room mate who has a dry skin type tried this cream, according to her this didn’t give enough moisturisation on the face. So it is better for oily skin beauties as compared to dry skin beauties. This also makes the skin quite soft to touch.

However the fairness claims are False. It did not give me any fairness and did not cause any better tan removal. I think the “fairness” is due to the brightening effect of the white cast on the face and the matte effect which does not make me look oily. So it is basically putting a layer on the face and not causing actual fairness of the skin.

It works good as a normal moisturising cream but needs more massaging on the face than normal creams. It does not absorb very well on the skin. It keeps my skin moisturised for 6-7 hours. Overall, the fairness (brightening due to the white elements) lasts only as long as we have it on our skin. Don’t expect to become Snow White from Jasmine like they show on TV. Being Jasmine is better than putting on layers on the face.

Pros of Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin Fairness Cream

1. Easy to use packaging.
2. Soft texture of the cream.
3. Makes the skin soft.
4. Does not cause increase in Pimples.
5. Easily available everywhere.

Cons of Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin Fairness Cream

1. Does not make anyone Fair.
2. Does not remove tan from the skin.
3. Does not remove dark spots or dullness.
4. Gives a white cast on the skin.
5. Not very suitable for dry skin girls.
6. Contains Alcohol, Dimethicone, Parabens etc. A lot of chemicals.

More Photos and Swatches

Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin Fairness Cream Review 2

Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin Fairness Cream Review 5

Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin Fairness Cream Review Price

Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin Fairness Cream Review 4

Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin Fairness Cream Review India

Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin Fairness Cream Review Swatch India

Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin Fairness Cream Review 3

Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin Fairness Cream Review Swatch

MBF Advices

Today my advice is going to be different. I am advising all the girls and ladies to be confident in their own skin tone. Try to get clear complexion but don’t wish to change the natural skin pigmentation. Those who discriminate, just tell them “GET WELL SOON” 🙂

MBF Rating


PS. I really hope Fair & Lovely and other fairness creams stop misleading young girls. Please teach your younger sisters and daughters to love their skin tone. Tell them how beautiful they are in the way God made them 🙂


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