Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric Review

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Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric Review: Hey guys, how are you doing? So with winter comes dry skin. I may skip exfoliating my skin or do it less frequently during summers. But in winters, I try to use a body exfoliator regularly.

Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric Review

I have combination skin on my face, but otherwise my body skin is normal to dry mostly. So I always look for exfoliators with aren’t drying on the skin. That’s why I picked up this product from Forest Essentials.

I got it from their store in Jaipur. Let me talk all about it and my experience with it below

About Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric

This gently exfoliating Body Polisher uses raw Cane Sugar to polish the skin, leaving it smooth & buffed with a luminous finish. It contains pure cold-pressed oils extracted from nutritious sweet Almonds and Apricots, which improve skin elasticity, while the blend of Sandalwood & fresh Turmeric adds glow and a delicate fragrance to the skin.

  • Gently removes dead cells and rejuvenates skin cells
  • Deeply penetrates, detoxifies and re-energizes the skin
  • Prevents skin damage that occur due to toxins, stress, pollutants
  • Gently exfoliates to make the skin clear with the cooling and refreshing fragrance of Sandalwood and Turmeric

How to Use Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric

  1. Weekly, on damp skin
  2. Use on wet skin in the shower after cleansing, to remove surface dead cells and polish the skin. Rinse well with water.

Ingredients in Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric

Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric Review Ingredients

Price of Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric

₹2875.00 for 300 g

In Detail Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric Review, Swatches and My Experience

The FE sandalwood and turmeric body scrub or polisher as they like to call it, comes in a cardboard box. Inside we have this big transparent plastic tub. It has a golden colour screw lid. Then there is a wooden spatula and a small 50 mL bottle of herb infused oil.

Basically this polisher tends to dry up a little specially at this time of the year i.e. winters. So we can add the herb infused oil to make the consistency right as per we want. The wooden spatula again makes it very hygienic to use.

Packaging looks very luxe however it isn’t travel friendly. First because its huge and a little heavy. Secondly because I have noticed that the oil kind of seeps out from the lid and leaks a little when it is not kept straight up. So don’t travel with it or the oils might spoil things around it.

Moving on, it smells really wonderful. It has a very noticeable scent of sandalwood which I love. You know it really smells like those spas where they use all natural ayurvedic products. Texture wise, this has a nice scrub texture, but not at all gritty.

How I Use it

So I pour water on my skin and when it drips off, I apply this polisher on the skin surface. I used the spatula provided with it to scoop out the product. However, one fine day my daughter decided to throw the spatula down from the balcony. So right now I am left with no spatula. 😀 I have to use my hands to scoop it out. But I guess its fine because I use clean hands to take it out.

So as I scrub it on my skin, it starts melting off. The texture gets milder and milder and eventually the scrub texture fades away. I never use a soap + exfoliator in the shower. When I use soap/shower gel, I just use that. When I use an exfoliator, I just use that.

I use it almost bi-weekly may be. Sometimes more frequently may be and it has lasted me a little over 6 weeks.


So ladies who are looking for a deep or ultra duty exfoliator will be disappointed here. The Forest Essentials sandalwood and turmeric polisher is a moderate to mild exfoliator which is safe for every day use. It scrubs off the superficial impurities and dead cells. Leaves my skin feeling very soft to touch and really moisturised. I really don’t use a moisturiser when I have used this because it leaves my skin nourished and hydrated.

Like I mentioned, in winters, exfoliation is like my thing. I use an exfoliator regularly sometimes everyday. So for me, I love this product. It exfoliates gently without irritating my skin at all. In fact, it leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised. So I can easily skip a moisturiser.

Looking at the amazing luxurious ingredients it has, this product is definitely a treat. Yes, a little costly (actually a lot costly), this product has some of the finest ayurvedic ingredients in it. All these ingredients are very well known to have great benefits for skin.

Sandalwood calms down irritated skin, improves complexion, reduces tan. Turmeric is a great natural antiseptic. In addition, Almond oil is known for its qualities of brightening up the complexion and deep moisturisation. Thats not it, this product has a lot more of such amazing natural ingredients. Again, most of you know forest essentials products are completely natural and free of chemicals.

Overall Verdict

If you are looking for creating a luxurious spa like experience at home, you’re in for a treat with this product. Its smell is very relaxing and kind of has a rejuvenating vibe to it. This exfoliates the skin nicely without being harsh. Also, moisturises the skin really good.

Give the natural ingredients some time and I am sure, you’ll notice the amazing benefits. This product has actually helped clear out the tan that I had on my hands. My skin feels more nourished and healthy. I have not been having any breakouts since using this product which I want to attribute to this product to some extent. (also I have been eating well and watching my diet).

I think this would suit every skin type. However, if you want some heavy duty exfoliator, please skip this one. You’ll love this if you want a regular use gentle exfoliator which moisturises the skin at the same time.

More Photos, Swatches

Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric Review details
Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric Review mbf
Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric Review MBF Blog
Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric Review Swatch

PROs of Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric

  1. The packaging looks very luxurious.
  2. All natural ingredients. Free of fragrances, parabens etc.
  3. Creates a spa experience at home.
  4. Gentle exfoliator.
  5. Leaves skin very soft and smooth.
  6. FE has provided a small bottle of oil to adjust the consistency as per your need.
  7. Removes tan and brightens up the complexion with regular use.
  8. Made in India.

CONs of Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric

  1. Costly.
  2. Not travel friendly.
  3. Not for in depth exfoliation.

MBF Advises

Don’t use it dry, I mean first it would be difficult to spread on the skin. Secondly using it dry may be a little bit harsh.

Work fast with it, the sea crystals in it tend to dissolve rather quickly. Therefore, be a little fast while using this so that you can achieve adequate exfoliation. Also, do not use it under running shower. The sea crystals would melt away without providing any exfoliation.

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