Gillette Venus Original Razor Review

Gillette Venus Original Razor Review
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Hi you guys, well I have spent most of my life attending classes and treating patients. When I was in medical school, was the kind of girl who would wake up at 7:40 AM for a class starting at 8:00 AM. Sundays were all about making presentations and watching TV series. So I hardly ever had the time to visit a saloon. Plus waxing used to hurt like – Mother of God! So one of my good friends introduced me to a razor. I was quite scared initially but soon it became a habit since it was way easier and very quick. I did hurt myself sometimes but later I got more comfortable and did it without any trouble. So let us talk about my favourite razor Gillette Venus Original Razor Review. Every time I try a new brand, I somehow end up going back to this.

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Claims for Gillette Venus Original Razor

The first 3-blade razor designed for women, the Venus Original razor features protective cushions for a smooth, close shave.

  • 3-blade smoothness
  • Protective cushions gently smooth out skin for a close shave
  • Blue indicator strip fades away when you are no longer getting the optimal Venus shave
  • In-shower razor holder
  • Easy-to-change refills

Gillette Venus Original Razor Review


INR 199.00
The refills are priced at INR 475.00 for a 4 cartridge pack.

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In Detail Gillette Venus Original Razor Review and My Experience

The razor has this cool blue themed outer look and a design which ensures we have a firm grip on it. The design is such that its easy to hold as well as easy to work with it. The head is flexible which ensures that the blades move along the curves of the skin and do not cause any injury. The blue protective cushions above and below the razor make sure the blades don’t slip from the skin while shaving.

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How I Use it

The ideal way of using it would be using a shaving foam or a soap and then shaving with the razor. However I have to admit that on several occasions, I did use it on dry skin. I use it while I am in the shower. I always exfoliate my skin using any of my regular skin scrubs before shaving my skin. Exfoliating the skin before shaving gives a really close shave which results in super smooth skin.


This razor is amazing for the fact that it gives the closest shave ever. The flexible head makes sure I get no injury while I am using it carefully. It does not cause any nicks or cuts usually but if I am not careful enough, I do get slight nick sometimes.

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I totally recommend this razor to all the ladies who like to shave. This is very decent and good quality product and comes at an affordable price tag. A lot of my friends get waxing done regularly but still keep a razor handy for emergencies.

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Gillette Venus Original Razor shaving 3 blade Review

PROs of Gillette Venus Original Razor

1. Efficient, flexible design.
2. Gives a close shave.
3. Minimal nicks or cuts – only when I am not very careful specially around my elbows or ankles.
4. One razor head lasts me for a good month. Though it may not show any decrease in performance, I still like to change once every 3-4 weeks for hygiene purposes.
5. Keeps the skin completely hair free for a good one week. (rate of hair growth varies person to person)
6. Easily available and pretty budget friendly.

CONs of Gillette Venus Original Razor

1. However easy razors are to use, they are not meant for use by beginners without supervision or by girls who are not ready to be very careful while using it.

MBF Advices

1. Always make sure that the razor is kept in a clean and dry place after use.
2. I like to dip mine in dettol mixed water just to get it more germ free.
3. Use a shaving foam or soap for an easy smooth shave.
4. Always exfoliate before shaving, it also prevents ingrown hairs.
5. Make sure to moisturise the skin well after shaving.

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