Gucci Guilty Intense EDP Perfume Review

Gucci Guilty Intense EDP Perfume Review
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Hi my angels, we are going to talk about my super favourite scent today. As you know from the title, its Gucci Guilty Intense EDP Perfume Review. I love Gucci fragrances. In fact this is my second bottle of Guilty intense. The previous one was 1.6 oz but this time I got the biggest size which is the 2.5 oz bottle. This is one of those classic fragrances which I always want to have in my vanity.

Gucci Guilty Intense EDP Perfume Review MBF Blog

Claims for Gucci Guilty Intense EDP Perfume

An intensified olfactory experience, Gucci Guilty Intense adds a twist to Gucci Guilty, making it more provocative and sensual. Guilty Intense is a warm yet striking oriental floral, which opens to a natural rush of mandarin shimmering alongside an audacious fist of pink pepper. The middle notes are a floral signature of the lilac flower, enriched with violet accents and hints of powdery notes, and balanced by a vibrant burst of peach. The base of addictive patchouli and the unique ambery dry-down have been greatly enhanced for a darker and more provocative trail.

Gucci Guilty Intense bottle replicates the sleek fusion of metal and glass of Gucci Guilty. The original’s muted metallic casing has been transformed into a richer, more opulent gold, creating a sleek fusion with the smoky grey glass. The signature interlocking “G”s form a window to the delicate amber juice, making the flacon as covetable an accessory as the latest Gucci bag.


Top Note: Mandarin, Pink Pepper
Heart Note: Peach, Lilac, Geranium
Base Note: Ambery Notes, Patchouli, Lilac, Geranium


Audacious. Provocative. Alluring.


Gucci Guilty Intense EDP Perfume Review ingredients


$115.00 for 2.5 oz
$92.00 for 1.6 oz
$70.00 for 1.0 oz

In Detail Gucci Guilty Intense EDP Perfume Review and My Experience

I can identify a perfume’s genre and even individual notes with one sniff because I have probably spent a fortune on scents. I olfactory lobe loves to indulge. I have this image among my friends like when I go somewhere, first thing everyone wants to know is what scent am I wearing. Well and I love to surprise them with my own secret stash of luxury perfumes.

Gucci Guilty Intense EDP Perfume Review USA

Gucci Guilty intense comes in a stunning smoky black glass packaging which is framed inside a metallic gold case. As rightly described by Gucci, its the perfect fusion of Gold and Glass. The Gucci logo lies on the centre of the bottle. The bottle just speaks luxury and class.

Coming to the fragrance itself, for me this is an exotic sensual at the same time elegant fragrance. Its soft and seductive. As I spray it on, the first thing I notice is soft yet noticeable pink pepper with some smokey mandarin. It gradually transforms more into some oriental lilac and finally settles with long lasting notes of amber and patchouli. Pink pepper and amber kind of have a stay throughout the time. So if you are into spicy amber scents, this one will sure impress you.

Now the trick with this perfume is, you have to be really light handed while spraying it. Because the scent is indeed quite intense. If you spray it liberally, you may turn out to be that person who everyone hates in the elevator because of the strong perfume the person is wearing. So the idea with the perfume is to be soft and seductive.

Gucci Guilty Intense EDP Perfume Review India

How I Use it

I usually spray this very light handedly holding it around 15-20 cm away from my skin. I like to spray my perfume on wrist or pulse points and just below my ear behind the carotids. I do not need to spray it on more areas because the silage of this scent is quite significant and I prefer mild and soft lingering silage around me.


The scent stays on me for 12+ hours and I am not even kidding. Its so addictive that I almost always want to reach out and put it on when I am getting dressed up. It just gives a gorgeous feeling and I assure you its a definite head turner. It is one of those scents which will be loved by all age group whether you are in college or middle age.

Gucci Guilty Intense EDP Perfume Review mbf

So if you are looking for a romantic at the same time sexy fragrance, I recommend you check this out. Its soft and seductive. It makes you feel elegant and alluring. I am all in for this scent and hope they never discontinue it.

PROs of Gucci Guilty Intense EDP Perfume

1. Gold and Glass bottle speaks class!
2. Sexy, seductive, feminine and charming fragrance.
3. A little spicy with pink peppers and amber adds softness.
4. Very intense, spray it lightly and it stays really long.
5. A head turner with great silage.
6. Not overpowering.
7. Lasts really long.

CONs of Gucci Guilty Intense EDP Perfume

1. Expensive (But luxury has a price!)

Gucci Guilty Intense EDP Perfume Review

MBF Advices

Well as much as I would like to recommend this to literally all the ladies out there, perfumes are very much a matter of personal preference. So all I would say is, next time when you are out for buying a perfume, do not forget to check this out.

1. Apply perfumes on moisturised skin to make it last longer.
3. Always store fragrances in a cool and dry place.
4. Always put the cap back after use to make all the good fragrances stay inside.

MBF Rating


Here’s an extremely rare vintage picture of a Coin operated Perfume spraying machine from 1950s. ๐Ÿ™‚

1950 vintage chanel coin operated perfume spraying machine


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