Himalaya Chiropex Cream for Plantar Xerosis Review, Swatches

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Himalaya Chiropex Cream for Plantar Xerosis Review, Swatches: We often look for products that revolve around how to keep the feet soft and moisturised. Some of us also get cracked heels specially during winters. Hence, we definitely need to take more care of our feet during fall and winter season.

Himalaya Chiropex Cream for Plantar Xerosis Review, Swatches

Plantar Xerosis is a medical term. Plantar means the sole of the foot. Xerosis means dryness. So don’t be scared of the name. Simply, this cream is meant for dry feet. You can use it even if you have normal to dry feet for some extra love and care. Lets talk more about it below.

About Himalaya Chiropex Cream

Moisturizing action: The essential fatty acids in Chiropex act as emollients, which soften skin and help skin retain moisture, relieving dryness and itching due to plantar xerosis.
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions: Chiropex relieves the pain and inflammation associated with fissure feet.
Antimicrobial and wound-healing actions: Chiropex prevents secondary bacterial infections of fissure feet and promotes wound-healing.

Chiropex is non-greasy and non-staining.
Chiropex is safe and suitable to use in patients of all age groups.

How to Use Himalaya Chiropex Cream

  1. After washing and drying feet, Chiropex cream should be applied on the affected areas in a circular motion.
  2. Recommended twice daily for best results.

Ingredients in Himalaya Chiropex Cream for Plantar Xerosis

Active Ingredients – Flaxseed, Pongam Tree, Basil, Lemon, Honey.
Himalaya has not mentioned a complete list of ingredients either on the product or on their website. So we do not know the base, preservatives etc used in it.

Himalaya Chiropex Cream for Plantar Xerosis Review, Swatches Info

Price of Himalaya Chiropex Cream

$ 8.95 for 30 g in USA
₹ 65.00 for 30 g in India

In Detail Himalaya Chiropex Cream for Plantar Xerosis Review, Swatches and My Experience

Himalaya Herbals Chiropex cream comes in a white opaque tube packaging. Pretty similar to medicinal ointments. The outer carton box is green in colour and has most of the necessary information about the product except a full ingredients list. It really gets on my nerves when I see products without an ingredients list. What if I am allergic to something? If there was a complete list of ingredients, I would be able to go through it and check if all those ingredients are safe for my skin. Anyways, moving on..

Himalaya Chiropex has a thick consistency with creamy texture. It has a rather mild smell to it which is almost nice. I mean, I do not mind it. The cream definitely feels greasy. It needs to be massaged for a couple of minutes in order to get absorbed into the skin. Also note, because our foot sole skin is quite thick, any normal cream would also take more time to get absorbed.

How I Use it

I am guilty of not wearing socks regularly during winters. Hence, as soon as fall/winter starts, my foot soles start feeling dry. Even if I moisturise my feet two times a day, skipping wearing socks makes them dry. Hence it is very important to wear socks in order to lock in the moisture of the feet. I use this cream twice daily. Once in the morning and then before bed. I make sure I keep my feet covered (wear socks) so that the cream is able to work optimally and my feet stay moisturised.


The cream works effectively in healing dry and rough areas on the sole of the foot. My mom often gets cracked heels and for her, it takes 1 week of regular usage to visibly heal cracked heels. For cracked heels, make sure you use it generously specially around the heel area. This cream claims to have analgesic as well as antibiotic properties as well which would be very good for those suffering from cracked heels.

Not just the heels, I apply it all over my feet and it keeps my feel soft and moisturised. Honestly, this is one of the best foot creams in budget. I have tried some expensive foot creams which do not show results as quickly as this one does.

Overall Verdict

Summing up my review, I have to say I really like this cream. It is meant for dry feet. But I feel you can use it even if you have normal to dry feet in order to keep them soft and moisturised. For very dry feet as well as cracked heels, you will need to use it for a while, may be a couple of weeks to see visible changes. Remember to apply this on cleansed skin and wear protective clothing like socks to lock in all the moisture of the cream and optimise its actions.

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Himalaya Chiropex Cream for Plantar Xerosis Review, Swatches MBF

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Himalaya Chiropex Cream for Plantar Xerosis Review, Swatches MBF Blog

PROs of Himalaya Chiropex Cream

1. Simple, travel friendly packaging.
2. Very moisturising.
3. Heals dry and rough feet within days.
4. Also shows visible effects on cracked heels.
5. Over a period of time, this is able to heal feet completely.
6. Regular usage keeps the feet soft and supple.
7. Very affordable.
8. Easily available.

CONs of Himalaya Chiropex Cream

1. Complete list of ingredients is missing.
2. Does not show overnight effects.

MBF Advises

1. Use it regularly to see positive, long lasting changes.
2. Do a patch test because there is no detailed list of ingredients.
3. If you are prone to getting allergic reactions, consult your doctor before using this product.

MBF Rating

I want to give it 5/5 but alas! I cannot find a complete list of ingredients.

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