HipHop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub Review

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I recently purchased the few of the skin care products to get rid of the pigmentation and scars caused by acne or breakouts. I have seen many reviews on Hip hop brand and thought to give it a shot. The scrub was available in different formula like kiwi but I preferred the coffee one. Let us find more and go through the HipHop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub Review and Swatches.

HipHop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub Review

Claims for Hip Hop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub

Coffee rejuvenating scrub is a new concept in skin care. Its non comedogenic effect, vitamins C, E and anti-oxidants provide an invigorating scent to awaken your senses and make your skin rejuvenated.

A unique and advanced scrub specially formulated with micro granules to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, dirt, oils and impurities from deep within the skin. Refining skin to new clarity and leaving a lingering fragrance of fresh fruits. Good for all skin types.

How to Use

1. Moisten face and neck, gently massage for a minute in circular motions with finger tips, avoiding eyes and eye area.

2. Rinse well with water and pat dry.

Key Ingredients

Coffee bean extract, Shea butter, Wheat germ oil.

Price and Quantity

INR 98 for 120 ml

HipHop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub Review Info

In Detail HipHop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub Review and My Experience

Texture and Fragrance

It has mild coffee fragrance with don’t linger for long . It contain the has coffee bean granules which helps in removing the dead skin. The scrub is very light and spreads in a single swipe but it do not get absorbed into the skin even after multiple strokes

My application process

1. I thoroughly clean my face with warm water ,which opens the pores onto the face before applying the scrub and then gently rub the scrub along the sides of my nose and cheek with anti clockwise strokes and slowly pursuing the same motion on my forehead and neck.

2. I use to do criss cross motion on the top of the nose and on my chin

3. This helps in face lifting and also helps in removing the dead skin and blackheads.

4. Continue to massage for about 10 mins and then wipe the face with sponge or simply wash with cold water which helps in shrinking the pores.

5. I sometimes follow the scrub with face mask which helps in skin tightening.

My Experience

The skincare industries are now indulging more into coffee and chocolate based products unlike of traditional Gold, Silver and vitamin based products. The coffee based scrub and facial treatment are flooding the market and under that impression I decided to give it a shot.

I found it useful in terms of cleaning the dead skin and even blackheads to some extent but the results are not long lasting.

I usually use it once or twice a week and immediately using the product the face looks clean and glossy for few minutes . It is not effective on scars or hyper pigmentation or breakouts.

It works well for sensitive skin like mine as it is been a month now that I am using it twice or once a week and it effectively cleans my skins and remove my blackheads around my nose but don’t completely cleans it.

More Photos and Swatches

HipHop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub Review MBF

HipHop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub Review swatch

HipHop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub Review Swatches

Pros of Hip Hop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub

1. Effectively cleans the dead skin and blackheads
2. Leaves the skin clear and glossy after scrubbing
3. Good for sensitive skin type
4. Having mild fragrance, not irritating or overpowering
5. Can be used as a body scrub

Cons Hip Hop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub

1. Contains paraben
2. Do not provide long term results
3. Don’t remove the blackheads completely

MBF Advises

1. Always wash or moisten the face or body with warm water before scrubbing as it open the pores and impurities can be wiped off easily
2. Should always be followed by face mask for better results


  • I am probably not going to re purchase the product for the fact that it does not lighten the scars or blemishes but it is good for the beauties having clear skin and want to use scrub as a skincare routine.
  • It brightens the face immediately after use and good to use before party or any occasion.

MBF Rating

3 out of 5

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