How to Fix a broken Lipstick

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Broken lipstick, we all have been here. So I decided to do a little post on How to fix a broken lipstick

All of us have had that one frustrating experience when our lipsticks get broken, sometimes manually by mistake and other times due to heat. I have left my lipsticks in the car like 400 times and because of the heat, my lipstick starts to melt and break.

how to fix a broken lipstick

how to fix a broken lipstick

well it gets rather disappointing to have some of your favourite or expensive lipstick look like it. So we do something quick and easy as a solution. I basically have two methods to fix a broken lipstick. I am going to take you through both the processes which are only slightly different from each other

You will need a clean towel, some hand sanitizer, a blow dryer or a lighter, the broken lipstick, and a refrigerator.

First Method:

We are going to take a blow dryer, put it on medium heat. Make sure your hands are clean and sanitised. We will put the broken lipstick bullet in front of the blow dryer and hold it there for nice 5-6 minutes depending on the condition of the lipstick. Now, once it becomes less firm, attach the end of the lipstick if its broken, or mould it neatly with your fingertips when it needs shaping. Once you are done, smoothen the edges and make sure there are no bumps. Take a clean tissue paper and wipe the extra pigment on the lipstick cap, tube etc.

how to fix a broken lipstick

Once this is done, properly place the lipstick in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. If you are in a hurry, put it in the freezer and make sure to take it out in 12-15 minutes. Do not leave the lipstick in the freezer for too long as it may again become too hard and break. Plus there will be moisture drops all around and you will need to clean that up again.

Now you are done! The lipstick is all in better shape now.

Second Method:

This method involves the use of a lighter. So if you are underage please ask for your parents/elders help.

We are going to take the broken end of the lipstick, and on the end where it needs to be attached, place the flame of the lighter such that the crest of the flame is only less than 0.5 cm away from the broken end. Hold it there for like 10 seconds. Now place the broken lipstick bullet on top of the broken end in the tube. place it gently yet firmly such that it attaches properly.

how to fix a broken lipstick



how to fix a broken lipstick

Now take some wet wipes and clean the lipstick bullet around the edges and make sure to wipe the tube properly. Go ahead and put it in the refrigerator or the freezer as I have explained above, depending on how much time you have in hand.

Your lipstick is back in shape now 🙂 Go ahead and put on that glam goodness on your pouts.

How to avoid breaking a lipstick:

It is very important to prevent lipsticks from breaking on the first place. I have a handful of tips regarding the same.

1. Make sure you do not extend the lipstick bullet too far out of the tube when you apply. Half an inch or less above the rim is more than enough to apply the lipstick.
2. Do not forget your lipstick in a car, especially during a hot day 😀
3. Keep a separate pouch for holding lip products in your handbag
5. Be careful while putting the lipstick cap back on the tube.
6. Do not leave your favourite lipsticks on the top of your vanity of you have a toddler or small kids at home 🙂 Remember, children tend to put things in their mouth and we want to avoid that on any cost, more than anything else. This is little off topic, but I thought I would mention it.
7. Some beauties like to apply lipsticks using a lip brush, make sure you are gentle and do not snap the lipstick bullet.

I hope this was useful to you. If you have any methods regarding how to fix a broken Lipstick, please leave a comment below and share with everyone. 🙂

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  1. Haha..i thought you went to the heights of breaking your mac lipsticks for this article 😛 Thanked god when i saw the image credits! I have a mac lipstick melted due to heat..and my favorite one..cosmo…will try this today 😀


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