Kay Beauty Gel Kajal Onyx Review, Swatches

Kay Beauty Gel Kajal Onyx Review, Swatches: Hey guys, so I am a kajal person. This is one makeup essential that I always have in my bag. My super quick on the go makeup includes a kajal and a nice matte lipstick. I keep trying out new kajals because I love trying out new makeup. I happen to pick this one up about a couple of months back. I have been using this since more than a month now and hence today I will talk to you about what I feel about it.

Kay Beauty Gel Kajal Onyx Review, Swatches

Kay beauty is a beauty brand by Katrina Kaif. She is gorgeous and I am hoping most of the products from her brand would be equally amazing. Does this kajal do justice to her name? Let’s find out below.

About Kay Beauty Gel Kajal Onyx

Kay Beauty Ink Artist Gel Kajal combines the precision of a pencil and bold finish of a gel that stays put 24 whole hours. Rising mercury has nothing on your eye look anymore because of the 100% waterproof and smudgeproof formula. It glides on smooth and deliver high impact gel finish. Infused with Chamomile & Ceramide, it keeps your lines clean and cat eye crisp to create dramatic and graphic eye looks.

  • Made In Europe
  • 24 Hour Stay
  • 100% Waterproof & Smudgeproof
  • Infused With Chamomile & Ceramide
  • Flat built-in thin tip to draw the perfect line

How to Use Kay Beauty Gel Kajal Onyx

No Instructions provided by the brand

Ingredients in Kay Beauty Gel Kajal Onyx

Ingredients list is missing 🙁

Price of Kay Beauty Gel Kajal Onyx

₹450.00 for 1.2 g

In Detail Kay Beauty Gel Kajal Onyx Review, Swatches and My Experience

The Kajal comes in a nice outer box which has minimal details about the product mentioned. I hate that it does not say anything about the ingredients of the kajal. The Kajal itself is in a simple pencil form. It is a sharpenable pencil which is personally not my favourite kind. Apart from that, it has a cap. Nothing fancy about the packaging. Its quite average to be honest for the price.

The pigmentation of the Kay Beauty Gel kajal is lovely. It goes full black in a single swipe. You can of course build up the richness or the intensity of the black by repeating the swipes over and over again.

The best thing about this kajal is that it sets into a really smudge-free form within 30 seconds. So if you want to create a smudged look, you need to be quick and smudge it out before 30 seconds. Because after that this kajal refuses to smudge at all.

Because this is smudge-proof, it just literally stays put all day long. I have used it for 15-16 hours and this did not smudge on my eyes at all.

I have used it on my waterline, as a kajal as well as eyeliner. In all the 3 ways, this stayed put and maintained the makeup look as it is throughout the wear time. Kay Beauty does claim that the formula is a 24 hour lasting one, however I did not quite try it out for that long.

The texture of the kajal is quite amazing. It is smooth and glides really effortlessly on the skin. Does not cause any tugging on the delicate eye area.

It is waterproof as well. Which means you really need to use an oil based makeup remover to take it off completely. I do not suggest rubbing your eyes hard while working with any average makeup remover. Instead, I find coconut oil does a great job in removing this.

So overall I feel this is one of the best kajals available in the market right now in this price range. The quality is really impressive. However I do not like the packaging specifically the sharpenable pencil mechanism. I would have loved a twist up form of packaging. But then sometimes the formula of certain products needs a certain kind of packaging and I totally get that.

Therefore guys, if you have been having second thoughts about trying out this kajal, please stop. Go ahead and pick it up and try it out for yourself. You won’t regret it because the quality of the kajal is indeed pretty good.

More Photos, Swatches and My YouTube video review for Kay Beauty Kajal

Kay Beauty Gel Kajal Onyx Review, Swatches info
Kay Beauty Gel Kajal Onyx Review, Swatches MBF
Kay Beauty Gel Kajal Onyx Review, Swatches tip
Kay Beauty Gel Kajal Onyx Review, Swatches skin

PROs of Kay Beauty Gel Kajal Onyx

  1. Pigmentation is good
  2. Waterproof, Smudgeproof.
  3. Does not bleed. Maintains the makeup look you created because it stays intact in place.
  4. Very long lasting.
  5. Easy to apply, glides smoothly.
  6. Did not irritate my waterline.
  7. Vegan, Cruelty free and free of parabens.

CONs of Kay Beauty Gel Kajal Onyx

  1. I hate sharpenable pencil forms of kajals.
  2. I would have appreciated a complete ingredients list. Need brands to be more responsible now.

MBF Advises

  1. Always do a patch test before using any new product on a big day.
  2. Keep the cap of the kajal closed at all time or else the formula might become dry and stiffen up.
Kay Beauty Gel Kajal Onyx Review, Swatches MBF blog

MBF Rating

4/5 (1 point deducted because of the packaging and the lack of ingredients list.)

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