Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher Review, Swatches

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Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher Review, Swatches: Hello Friends, welcome to Make up and Beauty Forever Blog. How many time have we secretly admired the skin textures and glowing skin of others? Well I have done it many times. After much of a research I discovered that apart from healthy food and good sleep, they all work to repair their skins in the night time. For more than 8 years now I have been regular with cleansing, moisturizing and sunscreen habits for the day time. Though 80 out of 100 times I do use the toner also. But I have always missed to apply a moisturizer after cleansing my face before retiring for the day at night and I admit it’s all because of my laziness.

Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher Review, Swatches

I did get into the habit of moisturizing my skin at night from last winters and have been continuing since then. My skin has improved considerably since then. Though I have experimented with many of the creams, Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher has been with me from a long time and helped me here. Let me review it in detail.

About Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher

Light, Sensual, Night Cream with Purple Orchid and Japanese Cherry for Early Signs of Ageing. Overnight Regenerating Nourisher Helps Tackle Early Signs of Ageing Like Fine Lines, Dark Spots and Uneven Skin Tone. Flawless Smooth Skin & Reduces Uneven Skin Tone. Developed by Kaya Dermatologists, This Light Sensual Cream Is Specifically Formulated Using a Unique Combination of Potent Skin Whitening and Youth Renewing Actives. It Is Enriched with Purple Orchid and Japanese Cherry Extracts That Help the Skin to Repair and Renew Faster. When Used Regularly Skin Is Said to Be Flawless, Smooth, Firm and Radiant.

How to Use Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher

Apply a coin sized amount to thoroughly cleansed face and neck. Massage gently in an upward and outward direction at night. For best results follow Ideal White Resilience Program.

Ingredients in Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher

Aqua, Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate, Glyceryl Mono stearate, PEG 100 Stearate, Propylene glycol, Isopropyl Myristate, Trimethyl Phenyl Silsesquioxane, Imperata Cylindrica Extract, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Orchis Masula Extract, PrunusSerrulata Flower Extract, Fragrance, Olea Leaf Extract.

Price of Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher

₹ 1590.00 for 50 mL

Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher Review, Swatches details

In Detail Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher Review, Swatches and My Experience

To begin with let me frankly admit that I have been using this cream regularly from the day I have picked up no matter what and the reason for this is its packaging. Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher comes in an attractive high quality acrylic bottle with a beautiful transparent cap which gives a luxurious feel in itself.

Though the quantity of the Overnight nourisher is only 50ml, the packaging makes it sound too large. The acrylic bottle itself came in a thin white and pink cardboard casing that had complete details of the product. The acrylic bottle is quite sturdy and non-breakable.

There is a thin dispenser which is sturdy and made of excellent quality. The amount dispensed is optimal and there is literally no product wastage at all. A very small quantity of the product is sufficient and covers the entire face thoroughly.

The Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher is off-white in color of thin creamy consistency. The nourisher is slightly oily but does not leave any oily film when applied. It moisturizes dry skin quite well and gets easily absorbed. There is a mild sweet non disturbing fragrance that the product has.


My skin does not feel any kind of heaviness on application even in summers. However, the cream may not be able to moisturize completely during harsh dry winter climates though.

My skin does feel soft and supple in the morning. Also, there are no signs of dry patches or any form of stretchiness at all. It works well on fine lines and pores and prevents them from further damage.

I have seen my skin improve in texture when I apply it regularly. It is tested by dermatologist and I feel satisfied about this whenever I use it. Also it did suit my combination skin and my mother’s dry skin texture well.

At the end of the day, I make sure to remove all patches of make up thoroughly, cleanse my face and apply Kaya nourisher after patting my skin dry. I do this 20 to 30 minutes before retiring for the day so that the cream gets thoroughly absorbed into my skin.

Have you used the Kaya Overnight nourisher anytime and felt the same as I did? I would love to hear from you.

More Photos, Swatches

Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher Review, Swatches open

Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher Review, Swatches skin

Pros of Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher

  1. White colored light moisturizing cream
  2. Does not feel heavy
  3. Does not leave an oily film on application
  4. Dermatologist Tested
  5. Beautiful practical packaging for everyday use.
  6. Suitable for all skin types
  7. Makes skin soft and supple

Cons of Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher

  1. Non travel friendly packaging
  2. Expensive

MBF Advises

1. Cleanse your skin well before applying the nourisher at the end of the day. No remains of make-up should be present.
2. Apply 20 minutes before going to bed to enable the cream to get absorbed on the facial skin rather than the pillow covers.
3. Always replace cap after use.

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