Kryolan SupraColor Shade LE Review, Swatches

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Kryolan SupraColor Shade LE Review, Swatches: Hey lovelies. So today I will be reviewing another product from the brand Kryolan. Now if you are new to this brand let me introduce it to you. This is a makeup brand which is quite popular among TV serial actor/ actress as well as models. However, I don’t know till what extent it is true. But I have tried quite a few product from this brand and have been loving them so far. Hence I decided to buy one more product from a different range. So ya if you want to know further more about this product please continue reading.

Kryolan SupraColor Shade LE Review, Swatches

Claims for Kryolan SupraColor

Supracolor is a cream make-up preparation that has proven widely successful for decades. Work of professional make-up artists would be practically unthinkable without Supracolor. This preparation is well known for its outstanding covering qualities, its excellent skin compatibility and the great assortment of available colors. Supracolor is successfully used not only for normal make-up, but also for bright color effects. Its characteristics also make it effective for shading and highlighting.

Ingredients in Kryolan SupraColor

Kryolan SupraColor Shade LE refill Review, Swatches Ingredients

Price of Kryolan SupraColor

$ 23.95 for 55 mL in the USA.
£ 19.00 for 55 mL in the UK.
AUD$ 45.00 for 30 mL in Australia.
₹ 550.00 for 8 mL in India.

These are available in size variants of 8 mL, 30 mL and 8 mL. Also a 4 g which is the refill pack as shown in photos below.

I purchased it for ₹ 250/- for the refill. ( However, now prices have gone up to the 500 or 550 which is way too much.)

In Detail Kryolan SupraColor Shade LE Review, Swatches and My Experience

Firstly, starting with the packaging. It comes in 3 sizes one is this refill size and the other are a medium as well as a full size. It comes in a plastic case as a refill and a small tub as full size. However, I really do not like the packaging of the refill one as it’s not very convenient for me to carry this along with me. I wish they change the packaging.

Coming on to the shade selection. It comes in a huge range of shades. There are more than 171 shade available. One can find any shade in this range. From pale white, skin shades, contour & concealer shades, yellows, peaches, greens, reds, black and many more. I would also like to add that this shade range is even more huge then mac or any other brand. So yay from my side for the shade selection.

Kryolan SupraColor Shade LE refill Review, Swatches All shades 1

Kryolan SupraColor Shade LE refill Review, Swatches All Shades 2

Coming on to the important part that is the review. I am using the shade LE as a contour product. Well this range of supra color is a multipurpose product. Therefore, you can use it as a foundation, concealer, contour any of the ways you like to use. Hence, as I already had a foundation which is the Kryolan tv paint stick foundation , Kryolan derma concealer and Kryolan colour corrector, I decided to buy a contour product. Therefore, I bought this shade.

So the shade LE is a beautiful dark brown shade and it’s the best shade for contouring. I am NC 42 in mac and this shade will suit from lighter to darker complexion. This shade is best when you want to do heavy contouring. If you like doing light contouring this shade may not be the best option for you.

I have combination to oily skin and as this is a cream product. Hence, it makes my skin look more oily. Therefore, to avoid oiliness, I apply this cream contour first and then set it with the powder contour. This range is suitable for people with normal to dry skin.

Combination to oily skin beauties won’t like this range as it will make them look more oily and greasy. Lastly coming on to the staying power this product stays on my skin for 3-4 hours and touching it up with a bit of powder contour helps to further extend the wear time of the product.

More Photos, Swatches

Kryolan SupraColor Shade LE refill Review, Swatches

Kryolan SupraColor Shade LE Review, Swatches hand

Pros of Kryolan SupraColor Shade LE

1) Huge range of shade selection.
2) Decent staying power.
3) Beautiful dark brown shade.
4) Shade will flatter all skintones

Cons of Kryolan SupraColor Shade LE

1) Pricey as now they have increased the price.
2) not suitable for all skin types.
3) Not a good packaging.
4) Availability.

MBF Advises

1) If you have oily to combination skin please skip this product as it’s a cream product and will make you look more oily and greasy.
2) To increase the staying power of the product use a face primer as a base.
3) If you have combination to oily skin and if you still wish to use this product, make sure you use the cream product first and then set it with some powder form.
4) Use a good makeup remover to remove your makeup.

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