Lakme 9to5 Matte Moist Clay Facewash Review

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Lakme 9to5 Matte Moist Clay Facewash Review: Hello People, welcome To MBF! Today I am reviewing a face wash from Lakme. Lakme has launched this face wash named Lakme Matte Moist Clay Facewash few months back and I got my hands on it ASAP. I have extremely oily skin and when I saw the name Matte Moist it made me buy this face wash.

Lakme 9to5 Matte Moist Clay Facewash Review

I have oily sensitive kind of skin and many face washes and creams tend to give me a breakout easily so I am very much choose-y in skincare and does not spend lot of money on skincare. I only prefer those things which I had used previously and had didn’t broke me out. I have a love hate relation with this Lakme Matte Moist Clay Facewash. Want to know why? Then please keep reading my review about it below.

About Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Moist Clay Facewash

From pollution to dirt, dust and grime, our skin comes in contact with quite a few aggressors on a daily basis. And it is important to not just wash but thoroughly cleanse our skin to maintain skin health. Lakme brings to you 9to5 Matte Moist Clay Face Wash. Its unique formula is enriched with pure green tea extracts and mineral clays like Kaolin & Bentonite Clay. It adsorbs excess oil and impurities from deep within the pores to detoxify skin and reveal cleansed, refreshed, matte-looking skin. Lakme 9to5 Matte Moist Clay Face Wash doesn’t leave skin feeling dry and stretchy.

Lakme 9to5 Matte Moist Clay Facewash Review details

How To Use Lakme 9to5 Matte Moist Clay Face wash

Squeeze a coin-sized amount on your palms & lather with lukewarm water. Gently massage onto your face for 30-60 seconds. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Ingredients in Lakme 9to5 Matte Moist Clay Face wash

Green Tea Extracts, Mineral Clays. (The detailed ingredient list is mentioned on the packaging)

Lakme 9to5 Matte Moist Clay Facewash Review Ingredients

Price of Lakme 9to5 Matte Moist Clay Face wash

₹ 125 For 50 Grams.
₹ 250 For 100 Grams.

In Detail Lakme 9to5 Matte Moist Clay Facewash Review and My Experience

Lakme Moist Matte Face wash comes in two different sizes. A 50 gram tube, and a 100 gram tube. I got 100 gram as the smaller wasn’t available at that moment on Nykaa. The packaging is simple and subtle. It has a light green and off white color ombre tube where all the details regarding the face wash is given on front and back of the tube. It has a green coloured cap which is secured with a flip open lid. The face wash packaging is travel friendly and can be carried along easily without any hassle.

The face wash is pale green color and has a faint fruity smell to it which is not bothering at all and vanishes away in seconds after washing.

Though it says that it is a clay face wash but, texture of the face wash looks creamy and smooth to me. It is smooth and the consistency is thick and silky. It glides on my skin well. The face wash does not lather much which didn’t impressed me much as I have oily skin and I like to use a face wash which forms rich lather and in that way I feel my skin is thoroughly cleansed.

How I Use it and Effects

I wet my face with a normal tap water take a coin size amount of this face wash and massage it all over my face and neck, and then wash it with water thoroughly. The face wash to my surprise doesn’t create lot of foam but made my skin clean and removed all the oil and greasiness from my face and my face was glowing. Due to the presence of clay in it, it removed all the oil and dirt from my face. It didn’t extremely dry out my skin and my skin was feeling and little hydrated at the same time.

Moreover, it doesn’t make my skin feel extra dry or stretchy so, I believe all skin types can easily use this except people with extremely dry or flaky skin. Also it didn’t broke me out as mentioned earlier, many skincare products give’s me breakout but this did not and I like using it as you can see in photos how much I have used it and just little is left. Skin remains fresh and glowy for quite some time though the effect is not very long lasting.

Lakme 9to5 Matte Moist Clay Facewash Review Swatch

Pros Of Lakme Moist Matte Clay Face wash

1. Good packaging.
2. Travel Friendly
3. Glides easily.
4. Mildly scented.
5. Removes oil and dirt from face.
6. Thoroughly cleanses skin
7. Does not dry out skin.
8. Skin feels fresh and glowy post washing.
9. Texture is thick and creamy.

Cons Of Lakme Moist Matte Clay Face wash

1. Does not lather much.
2. Expensive.
3. On squeezing product the tube flattens.

MBF Advises

If you like using Lakme for skincare then you can pick it up else I wouldn’t recommend this product as a must buy. It is a normal face wash and it is a little expensive as compared to other face washes available in the market which gives you the best results and which are cost effective as well.

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