Lakme Classic Brown Eyeconic Kajal Review, Swatches

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Lakme Classic Brown Eyeconic Kajal Review, Swatches: Hi guys, hope everybody is safe and happy.

Lakme Classic Brown Eyeconic Kajal Review, Swatches

Trying out any new product without any prior knowledge about it is a task for me and having tried so many brands of kajal, and having a lot of blacks in my collection I didn’t want to try a new brand or invest too much in a brown one and lakme seemed like a safe bet to me.

Claims for Lakme Classic Brown Eyeconic Kajal

Make an Eyeconic statement with the all-new Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal and experience the power of beautiful eyes! A smudge-proof as well as waterproof kajal for everyday use, the new Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal promises to last up to 22 hours. Say goodbye to touch-ups and a big hello to long-lasting finesse to your eyes, all through the day!

How to Use Lakme Classic Brown Eyeconic Kajal

Step 1: Steady your dominant hand on a table. 
Step 2: Draw your eyelid taut and draw a line across your upper lid. 
Step 3: You could also use it on outside your lower lid for a dramatic look.

Ingredients in Lakme Classic Brown Eyeconic Kajal

Not mentioned on the website

Price of Lakme Classic Brown Eyeconic Kajal

₹275.00 for 0.35 g

Lakme Classic Brown Eyeconic Kajal Review, Swatches MBF

In Detail Lakme Classic Brown Eyeconic Kajal Review, Swatches and My Experience

Available in 5 gorgeous shades lakme Eyeconic is a must try and lakme being a very well-known brand I am pretty sure everyone must have tried their basic black kohl at some point or the other.

The 5 shades from the range are-
Deep black
Classic brown
Regal green
Royal blue

All the 4 colors except the black are priced the same i.e. at ₹275 . The deep black however is priced at ₹185 Only. Though it’s the same quantity, same packaging its from the same range after all but the coloured ones are priced higher than the usual black kohl. But even still its quite an affordable product, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket if you are looking to experiment like me. I have tried the black one earlier so I knew the formula would suit me and wouldn’t disappoint me.

It’s a twist kind of pencil which I am a fan of, I don’t have to sharpen it, I don’t have to worry about if its sharpened or not, just toss it in my bag and use it whenever I need to. Bigger reason as to why I prefer the twist one is that the product is not wasted, you are utilizing every ounce that you pay for.

These are more comfortable to travel with and always has a uniform tip, you just change angles for different thickness. I always use it totally flat on my eyelids and have a uniform eyeliner, which barely takes a min and I am ready to go.

The formula is very soft and easy to work with, it doesn’t tug or irritate the skin at all, it’s a solid pencil but a creamy consistency, its water proof and dries down in a couple of minutes. It doesn’t smudge easily or bleed.

It is a waterproof formula but when in contact with the natural oil of our face, It will fade after a few hours, since I have quite oily lids, it fades away completely in 4-5 hours, so I have to either cleanse properly and freshly apply or just clean with a dry cotton and reapply, how so ever is convenient.

Its pigmented but not very pigmented, it’s a soft brown not dark brown, it would pop on fair to medium skin tone, for medium to dark skin tones it would not stand out, it’ll be a natural brown kind of shade. It takes more than a couple of swipes to get the full intensity of the liner, same is for the waterline.

Lakme Classic Brown Eyeconic Kajal Review, Swatches skin

Since I have bought this, I have rarely applied black kohl on my waterline, this give me such a nice soft subtle look, its perfect for day time make and to achieve that minimalist soft fresh look. I love this shade of brown it not too dark nor too light but perfect for my skin tone. I am sure I’ll be purchasing it again.

Lakme Classic Brown Eyeconic Kajal Review, Swatches on eyes

Its easy to remove, since its creamy it wouldn’t just flake off, it fades and needs to be cleaned with a makeup remover, I use a dry cotton to clean the are all around my eyes and eyelids as well and then use a bit of makeup remover to wipe off the product. To clean the product from my waterline I use a cotton bud and get rid of any and all product possible.

Pros of Lakme Classic Brown Eyeconic Kajal

  1. Travel friendly
  2. Affordable
  3. Good quality
  4. Suitable for all skin tones
  5. Waterproof
  6. Does not flake off
  7. Doesn’t cause irritation
  8. Easily available
  9. Indian brand
  10. Suitable for both waterline as well as eyelids
  11. Soft smooth texture

Cons of Lakme Classic Brown Eyeconic Kajal

  1. Doesn’t stay for long, that’s the only con I can think of.

MBF Advises

It’s a very soft brown, use it as your makeup basic or when in a hurry. Apply this on your eyelids and just smudge with your fingers, it’ll give a nice brown shade to the lids without too much work. Its quite a versatile product and I have used it for tight lining, it gives your lashes more definition and makes them look fuller.

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