L’OREAL Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence Review

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L’OREAL Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence Review: Hey guys, so this product was all over the internet last year but me being me, I took my time trying it out. L’oreal’s revitalift range in origin is focussed at “anti-ageing” products. But the products according to me can be used by anyone. Really happy about the ingredient centric products in this range. I was intrigued for trying out this essence because it has Madecassoside from Centella Asiatica in addition to salicylic acid which according to me is an absolutely fantastic combination. . I’ve tried to cover everything in my video below, let me know if you have any questions 🙂

There was some controversy raised around this product especially as it claims to penetrate upto 10 layers of skin. I am not sure why this controversy even arose in the first place. I have talked about it in the video above. Histologically, Loreal is not wrong to be honest. You will find the explanation for the skin layers in my video.

Being a medical professional, it kind of is my duty to actually explain about such basic things I feel. I strongly encourage everyone to have a look at the official website of a product before purchasing in addition to watching reviews because a lot of times I feel people just talk things without proper knowledge just to get more views and stuff. I am no one to say this is right or wrong, but I feel at least I can put forward the facts and let you guys decide for yourselves.

L'OREAL Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence Review MBF Blog

Claims for L’OREAL Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence is our #1 essence, recommended by 9 out of 10 Singaporean women. Powered with salicylic acid, this ultra-lightweight watery facial essence goes up to ten skin layers** deep to minimize pores, brighten and smoothen skin, and refine skin texture. Reveal crystal clear skin in just 7 Days^!

^Based on a consumer assessment conducted on 42 panelists over a period of 7 days
**10 stripping layers on stratum corneum, instrumental test

RESULTS (according to Loreal)

Observe the first signs of results just after 7 days^

• Brighter, more radiant skin.
• Refined and smoother skin.
• Minimized pores.
Use consistently for 1 month to see even better results.


• Micronized droplets come in an ultra-lightweight watery texture which absorbs easily into the skin. Skin feels fresh and non-sticky.

How to Use L’OREAL Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence

  1. Pour 8 to 10 drops on a cotton pad and gently swipe across face.
  2. Use every morning and night after cleanser and before moisturizer.

(The above usage instructions are obtained from Loreal’s website directly. It is quite interesting to see the “usage instructions” mentioned on the website are different from what we have on the bottle).

L'OREAL Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence Review Instructions

Ingredients in L’OREAL Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence

Aqua/ water, butylene glycol, alcohol, hydroxyethylpiperazine ethane sulfonic acid, propanediol, ppg-6-decyltetradeceth-30, caprylyl glycol, salicylic acid, sodium hydroxide, p-anisic acid, adenosine, capryloyl salicylic acid, acetyl trifluoromethylphenyl valylglycine, disodium edta, parfum/ fragrance, madecassoside, benzyl salicylate, limonene, linalool, benzyl alcohol, pentylene glycol, faex extract/ yeast extract, tocopherol (f.I.L b230141/1)

L’OREAL Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence Review

I have talked about my experience in detail in the video above. But I’d just like to mention that for me this product was decent. I mean I am not over the top impressed neither am I too disappointed.

Whenever I talk about a product, I like to divide the ingredients into 3 categories.

  1. Primary – Active ingredients
  2. Secondary – Supportive ingredients
  3. Tertiary – “Zero ingredients” which do nothing for the skin.

I have sectioned the video in timelines so you can precisely refer to the part you’re interested in.

Just remember to apply this on really clean skin. Also, if you have very dry, sensitive skin, this isn’t the best option for you.

L'OREAL Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence Review

However, for my combination skin this is quite nice. In order to know how it works and if its right for you, and the exact effects it shows on my skin, please watch the video full.



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