Loreal X-Tenso Care Straight Intense Nutri-Reconstructor Masque Review

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Loreal X-Tenso Care Straight Intense Nutri-Reconstructor Masque Review

Loreal X-Tenso Care Straight Intense Nutri-Reconstructor Masque Review

L’Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Masque description

Specially developed for straightened hair, L’Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Masque is an ideal masque for straightened or relaxed hair. Helps in styling hair without leaving it oily or weighing it down. The Botanical extract formula helps in recstructuring broken hair and prevents hairfall due to breakage.

Restores depleted moisture levels of hair
Helps increase hair volume and density


PRO-KERATIN + INCELL: a fusion of two reconstructive technologies for the hair, that brings amino acids and lipids, essential components of the fiber. Associated with Botanical Extract, the formula recharges depleted moisture levels and controls volume.

Price in India

Rs 650/- for 200 ml of product

Loreal X-Tenso Care Straight Intense Nutri Reconstructor Masque Review

Directions for use

Apply on clean towel dried hair. Gently massage from lengths to tips. Leave for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately. Keep out of reach of children.

In Detail Loreal X-Tenso Care Straight Intense Nutri-Reconstructor Masque Review

The product comes in a tub packaging like most hair masks. This is a part of their professional series which was originally meant to be used exclusively in salons but the products came to the stores because of their demand I guess.

Now I do not have straightened or relaxed hair. The reason I got these products was my friend who basically forced me to pick these because this mask is her favourite. I know right? Friends! 😀 So I got the shampoo, hair mask and the serum all together. I did spend a handsome amount of money here.

The product has a creamy mask consistency. It has a very mild fragrance typical to L’Oreal products nothing that should disturb anyone. It is quite easy to apply. I use this hair mask right after I shampoo and keep it in my hair for may be 5 to 10 minutes. I then wash it off with cold water. While washing I do feel how smooth it makes my hair feel. It does detangle my frizzy hair as well.

I usually let my hair air dry. After drying, I do notice that my hair is more shiny and slightly easier to manage because it helps detangle my hair. It nourishes my dry ends of hair.

My friend that I was talking about above actually has straightened hair and she initially experienced some hair fall with it. Well, she was not using the product right. I have a rule, Never Ever apply any Hair Mask or Conditioner on to the hair roots directly! If you do, you will experience hair fall no matter what. So, if you are experiencing hair fall after applying conditioner or hair mask, stop applying in on your roots and concentrate it towards the ends of your hair.

Overall this was a decent hair mask. I am almost done with the tub. I am not sure about any long term benefits of the product but yes, after using it does make my hair feel good.

Loreal X Tenso Care Straight Intense Nutri-Reconstructor Masque Review

Pros of Loreal X-Tenso Care Straight Intense Nutri-Reconstructor Masque

1. Tub packaging, easy to use in the shower.
2. Easy application
3. Makes my hair soft and shiny
4. Has detangling properties
5. Decently priced
6. Easily available

Cons of Loreal X-Tenso Care Straight Intense Nutri-Reconstructor Masque

1. Has a super long list of ingredients including fragrances etc
2. Did not give me any long term benefits
3. May cause hair fall if applied to the roots
4. Not really suitable for girls with thin hair texture

Will I repurchase this?

ummm, I don’t know, may be. I can’t make up my mind because this was an a decent product but I look forward to try others and find better ones.

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