Lotus Herbals Fairgel Fairness Gel with Liquorice and Green Tea Review

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Lotus Herbals Fairgel Fairness Gel with Liquorice and Green Tea Review

Lotus Herbals Fairness Gel with Liquorice and Green Tea Review

Hello my beautiful friends,

Lotus herbals is a well known Indian skin care and cosmetics brands who claim to have natural ingredients in all their products. I have used a lot of lotus herbals products in the past and never really had a problem with any of them. Some of them in fact I really liked. I got this Lotus Herbals Fairgel Fairness Gel with Liquorice and Green Tea about a couple of months back.

Product Description

Most people secretly long for fair and glowing skin, but they do not find skin lightening cosmetics that suit their skin types. With the Lotus Herbals Liquorice & Green Tea Fairness Gel, everyone can enjoy lovely skin, as this natural fairness gel is suited for all skin types.

Blended with the extracts of Tea Tree and Liquorice, this Lotus Herbals Fairness Gel infuses life into dull skin to make it healthy and radiant from within. Possessing natural skin toning properties, the Tea Tree extracts in this organic face gel, minimize the size of your pores and eliminate rough patches present on the skin to give you a smooth and even skin tone. In addition, by restoring the lost pH balance to your skin, Tea Tree keeps your skin remarkably soft and supple.

Apart from skin toning, this oil-free facial fairness gel also has the ability to protect your skin from external impurities and microbes with the help of the anti-bacterial property of the Liquorice extracts infused in it. As Liquorice bars the entry of dirt into the pores, your skin will be devoid of conditions like acne, blemishes and pigmentation. Also, Liquorice has the ability to heal minor skin ailments with its anti-inflammatory nature. This anti-aging Lotus Herbals Face Gel also rejuvenates the production of cutaneous cells to prevent the premature aging of skin tissues. Get fair and healthy skin within a few days of use with the Lotus Herbals Liquorice & Green Tea Fairness Gel.

Lotus Herbals Fairness Gel with Liquorice and Green Tea Review

Directions for Use

Apply generous amount on cleansed face.
Can be applied under any sunscreen lotion before exposure to sunlight.
Use regularly atleast for two weeks for best results.

Price and availability

Price in India is 245/- INR, however you may get it on discounts. It is widely available online as well as in stores.

My Experience with Lotus Herbals Fairgel Fairness Gel with Liquorice and Green Tea

This product comes in the nice transparent bottle with a pump top. The pump is nice and kind of just squirts out the product, as expected because of the gel consistency. The gel has a nice moderate consistency. Not very thick. It looks greenish in the bottle but when you take it on your hand, it has a really light green sheen to it, almost looks transparent. The smell is kind of herbal, I guess this is suppose to be green tea smell as far as my experience goes with other green tea products that I have used.

Lotus Herbals Fairness Gel with Liquorice and Green Tea Review


I have oily-combination skin and I avoid using heavy moisturisers. I bought this product because it had tea tree extracts which is known for preventing break outs. I applied it morning and evening as a regular moisturiser and I quite liked the feel of it. It sunk into my skin pretty much completely, however I did notice a slight layer of product on the skin which doesn’t really show but if you touch your skin, you can appreciate it. It was nice and gentle for my skin, and did not make me feel dry.

I cannot comment upon the fairness part as such because honestly I did not really notice a difference. Moreover I don’t support the “white skin madness” which is pretty common in India. All you can do is, take care of your skin and keep it looking fresh. Trust me, a well maintained glowing complexion is what I define as gorgeous. You don’t have to be extra white all “gori gori” to get noticed. Respect your natural skin colour and work to make it even and glowing.

Coming back to the review, overall I felt this is a nice everyday gel for oily-combination skin girls like me. It does not feel extra greasy and does not cause break outs on my skin. I do not support the little 3 weeks claim that it makes. You can buy it if you want a face hydrating gel which is gentle on the skin and affordable.

Pros of Lotus Herbals Fairgel Fairness Gel with Liquorice and Green Tea

1. Nice transparent packaging with pump dispenser.
2. Gel consistency, not greasy or oily.
3. Hydrates the skin well
4. Did not cause break outs on my skin
5. Very good option for summers (although I would suggest using a sunscreen on top of it)
6. It will last you a pretty long time. Me and my brother both finished up this bottle.

Cons of Lotus Herbals Fairgel Fairness Gel with Liquorice and Green Tea

1. There is no spf
2. It is not meant for dry skin beauties
3. Does not live upto its claim of giving you a fair skin in 3 weeks (not expected also)
4. They have not mentioned a detailed ingredient list on the product

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29 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Fairgel Fairness Gel with Liquorice and Green Tea Review”

  1. Oh..i was allured with the packaging…nice green gel and that too with tea tree but you spared me. Actually its common with Lotus gels ..i have their gel sunscreen which has similar performance.

  2. I am using aloevera gel from Lotus Herbals these days. These gels are really good for this humid weather.
    nice review hun 🙂

  3. Hi Ashu. Great review, however I was wondering if this or any other product that you could recommend that will help in removing ugly sun tan? Thank you!

    • Hi Deepika, thanks so much. For removing sun tan, I would do a home based DIY soon which is super amazing and removes all the tan from the skin facial as well as on your body. As far as market products are concerned, invest in a mild but effective facial scrub. Apply aloe vera gel as a moisturiser on your skin and after 15 minutes apply the sunscreen. Never ever miss sun screen.


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