LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review, Demo

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LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review, Demo: This bath bomb has been going strong every holiday season for the past 7 years and has been a classic favorite. Lush went a little overboard with the golden wonder this year releasing a giant 2.5 pound version, that is 5 times the normal size of it. I went in the store to buy it but sadly it wasn’t available so I had to buy the normal version which I love anyway.

LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review, Demo

About LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Fancy an uplifting cocktail? Cognac and zesty lime oils get this bath party started with mood-brightening scents while sweet orange oil refreshes the senses. In the water, this present-shaped fizzer unwraps itself to reveal glittering golden luster and a sparkling turquoise explosion. Don’t wait until Christmas day to bathe yourself in festive luxury!

Happiness is a gift and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes in all its exquisite, sweet orange and lime oil glory. Dickens might not have been on about the surprise parcel of lustre and cognac oil that’s ready to unfurl and create bathtime splendour, but he’d have been just as thrilled by it.

How to Use LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Drop into the bath and an explosion of exquisite oils and scents will escort you to your happy place .

Ingredients in LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Limonene, Citral, Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Linalool, Citronellol, Cognac Oil, Lauryl Betaine, Fresh Pink Grapefruit Decoction, Colour 45350, Cream of Tartar, Dipropylene Glycol, DRF Alcohol, Gardenia Extract, Glycerine, Lime Oil, Perfume, Propylene Glycol, Colour 15510, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, colour 45410, Sweet Orange Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Water, Citric Acid, Iron Oxide

Price of LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

$ 6.95 in USA
£ 4.50 in UK

In Detail LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review, Demo and My Experience

Product and packaging

The bath bomb comes in a paper packaging. I bought this in a gift set box called “Jolly Holidays” so it came “naked” with necessary details, ingredients, directions to use on a paper. This is a huge bath bomb, 200grm.It’s in the shape of a wrapped present, the present is golden and it has a cream bow on the top which is white. Shake it to hear something move inside, the idea is so cute like rattling the present to guess what’s inside! On point concept for the holiday season.

The dry bath bomb smells citrusy, slightly floral but oh so amazingly refreshing. The bath bomb has a lot of golden luster covering the outside, just holding the bomb my fingers were covered in golden luster.

In Water

Inside there’s a surprise, this one is a normal paced fizzer so you don’t miss the surprise, it has so many layers and different colors unfolding, treat for your eyes and colors the water beautifully.

It starts fizzing the light yellow/golden color of the outer layer, which quickly dissolves giving way to layer which is beautiful turquoise color, but wait that’s not the whole surprise, there are different colored mini ballistics,pink,yellow,orange that emit gold luster and gold stars.

The bath water was left turquoise blue color with a lot of gold plastic-free luster and edible,soluble, golden paper stars. The water had depth to it because of the gold luster, there were so many little gold stars floating, the bath feels magical.

The water had a faint citrusy smell to it. The bath will make your skin soft and supple and you emerge from the bath like a sparkly mermaid goddess! My skin was covered in subtle gold luster, not at all overwhelming.however I can see this as a con for someone who doe snot want luster on their skin.

The zesty scent lingered on my skin for only about a couple of hours after the soak. The golden stars had dissolved, I drained the water and noticed the golden luster stuck on the sides of the tub, but came off fairly easily when I rubbed it with my sole.

The bath is very calming for sore muscles and refreshing at the same time.

More Photos, Demo in Water

LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review, Demo 1

LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review, Demo back

LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review, Demo MBF Blog

LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review, Demo 2

LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review, Demo 3

LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review, Demo 4

LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review, Demo 5

LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review, Demo 7
Golden Star and Shimmer

LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review, Demo 6

Pros of LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

1. Big ballistic
2. Great concept
3. Hidden surprise
4. Uplifting smell
5. Treat for the eyes
6. Great bath-art
7. Relaxing
8. Leaves skin soft and supple
9. Does not stain tub
10. Does not tint skin
11. Leaves your skin shimmering
12. Vegan
13. Uses plastic free luster
14. Uses dissolving paper golden stars

Cons of LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

1. Christmas edition
2. Faint smell from the bath water
3. Scent doesn’t linger long on the skin

MBF Advises

1. Great for a night time bath
2. Chop this in half and save for another pampering night

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