Lush Karma Gorilla Solid Perfume Review

Lush Karma Gorilla Solid Perfume Review
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Hi everyone,

Lush Karma Gorilla Solid Perfume Review MBF India

Today I am going to review one of my all time favourite scents from LUSH. It should be no surprise because basically this particular range “Karma” scents are everyone’s favourite. I have used this baby in the past and I continue ordering it because I just love it so much!

Claims for Lush Karma Gorilla Solid Perfume

Retro yet ageless. Karma is a powerful, spicy and unique patchouli and citrus perfume. It’s a strange slow-burner for some; you fall for it without realizing what’s happening. Others love it from the first sniff as they are transported to the age of freedom.


DRF Alcohol, Perfume, Patchouli Oil, *Limonene, *Linalool, Sweet Orange Oil, Lavandin Oil, Pine Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Elemi Oil, Cassie Absolute, *Cinnamal, *Citral, *Geraniol, *Citronellol, *Farnesol, *Benzyl Benzoate, *Eugenol, *Benzyl Salicylate
*occurs naturally in essential oils

Lush Karma Gorilla Solid Perfume Review Ingredients

How To Use

Apply in on your pulse point on the neck and wrists. It has this waxy consistency and easily glides on to the skin. Does not feel oily at all. So, quite easy on the application part.


Rs. 600/- for 12 grams of product.

In Detail Lush Karma Gorilla Solid Perfume Review and My Experience

This perfume is a solid perfume which was packed quite fancy. It is packed like this stout stick. Pretty compact. I have to push the rear of the stick so that the perfume comes out from the top. The only problem is, it does not have any twist mechanism. So if I get some extra product out of the stick, I basically have to push it back from the top with my fingers. Of course the product crumbles and breaks while pushing it back since it has a soft waxy consistency.

Lush Karma Gorilla Solid Perfume Review India MBF

The Karma range has been my total favourite since I came across LUSH. I love the interplay of different citrus scents and spices. This perfume smells absolutely exotic. It has noticeable citrus, patchouli and some traditional spices. In the beginning I get prominent soft patchouli in a background of spices and eventually the scent kind of grows into a very balanced spicy-citrus. It has this earthy sense to it which I totally adore.

Scents are always a matter of personal preference. I am specially drawn to this one for everyday use. It has a staying power of approximately 6 hours however I can smell it on my wrists even after 8 hours. The sillage is quite moderate, does not make heads turn as I enter the room but rather lingers around me softly. The perfume for me has a kind of traditional touch to it.

Besides the scent of this perfume, I really love how it applies on the skin. When I rub the stick gently on my wrists and below my ears, it does not feel oily or greasy at all although it is packed with essential oils. It just sinks in to the skin and kind of just gets absorbed eventually.

Overall I have to say this perfume is like an everlasting love for me. I am very much drawn to such citrus-earthy-spicy kind of scents besides musk of course. So I would highly recommend you to get this if you are into such kind of scents.

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Lush Karma Gorilla Solid Perfume Review MBF

PROs of Lush Karma Gorilla Solid Perfume

1. Innovative packaging.
2. Beautiful scent with citrus-earthy-spicy notes.
3. Pretty affordable.
4. Made with natural ingredients and has really nice essential oils.
5. Gets absorbed in the skin and does not feel oily or greasy despite its waxy consistency.
6. Such a compact packaging, I can easily carry it in my small purses and not worry about it getting damaged.
7. Decent staying power.
8. LUSH products are all natural, and never tested on animals.

CONs of Lush Karma Gorilla Solid Perfume

1. The packaging isn’t designed for clumsy handling because it some extra product is pushed out, its a mess to get it back inside.
2. The perfume lasts me only a couple of months or may be less (May be because I use it all the time? :P)
3. LUSH doesn’t have any stores in India. 🙁

MBF Advices

1. Always apply perfumes on to the defined spots such as the pulse points and the neck area as this will give you a decent sillage and make the scent last slightly longer.
2.Applying scents on moisturised skin makes them last longer.
3. Layering the scent with products of same range helps the scent to last longer too.
4. Keep the bottles of fragrances away from direct sunlight and make sure to cap them while storing.

Will I Repurchase it?

Always! I think they have come up with a spray version of this. I’d love to get my hands on it asap. 🙂

MBF Rating

(I had to cut 0.5 marks because of the packaging but the amazing scent it has deserves some extra points bringing it upto 4.9 😀 )


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