LUSH Plum Snow Bubble Bar Review, Demo

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LUSH Plum Snow Bubble Bar Review, Demo: Imagine a Hollywood style bathtub scene, what do you see? Dim lit bathroom with a few candles, some champagne glasses and The leading lady soaking in a bubble bath with foamy bubbles covering her entire body. Bubble baths are luxurious, indulge in one and you will feel like the queen you are. Today I am reviewing a bubble bar from Lush cosmetics which is called ‘plum snow’.

LUSH Plum Snow Bubble Bar Review, Demo MBF

Lush has this range called ‘plum rain’ but during winters they launch their bubble bar called Plum snow. This is their limited holiday edition bubble bar.

About LUSH Plum Snow Bubble Bar

Seasons change, and during the holidays we wave goodbye to Plum Rain and say hello to limited edition Plum Snow. Unwind as the bath water settles into a deep purple hue, before you sink into woodsy, green petitgrain and uplifting Sicilian mandarin oils, which will leave you feeling restored and reinvigorated. The inclusion of fruity-floral osmanthus absolute makes this foamer perfect for unwinding after a long day. Snow far, snow good.

How to Use LUSH Plum Snow Bubble Bar

Crumble under running warm water as you fill the tub for mountains of fluffy, fragrant bubbles.

Ingredients in LUSH Plum Snow Bubble Bar

Sodium Bicarbonate Cream of Tartar (Potassium Bitartrate) Sodium Laureth Sulfate Lauryl Betaine Fragrance Osmanthus Absolute (Osmanthus fragrans) Petitgrain Oil (Citrus Aurantium amara) Sicilian Mandarin Oil (Citrus nobilis) *Citral *Limonene Red 33 Blue 1 *Occurs naturally in essential oils

Price of LUSH Plum Snow Bubble Bar

$ 12.95 for 7.0 oz in USA
C$ 12.95 for 198 g in Canada
€ 8.50 for 198 g in Europe, France, Germany
£ 5.95 for 198 g in UK, Scotland
A$ 12.95 for 198 g in Australia
NZ$ 14.50 for 198 g in New Zealand
S$ 10.50 for 198 g in Singapore

In Detail LUSH Plum Snow Bubble Bar Review, Demo and My Experience

The bubble bar comes in a paper bag just like all the other bubble bars and bath bombs from Lush. The bubble bar is a giant dome. The whole dome is Purple-y plum in colour and it has a white snowflake in the top centre region. The bubble bar is of 200 g and it is huge for one bubble bath. I smelt it dry in the store and it had this beautiful tart smell to it. The lady at the store told me I can divide the bubble bar and use it multiple times instead of just one time use. I decided to divide the bubble bar in four quarters.

I ran The bathwater and started crumbling a quarter of the bubble bar under the tap. The second The water hits the bubble bar it starts colouring the water in the bathtub and forming bubbles. Before just thinking about Crumbling The bar under the tap was tiresome as the bubble bar was hard to chop with a knife, but the bubble bar was really easy to crumble once it got wet. The foam started building up and I was not sure of what to expect with just a quarter of the bar. I was pleasantly surprised to see mountains and mountains of thick, foamy, mouldable bubbles drowning my whole bathtub. And the water was left deep purple cranberry coloured under the thick blanket of bubbles.

Difference Between Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars

Unlike the bath bombs, bubble baths feel more soapy and slippery. The more you disturb the water the more bubbles it creates. I found myself warm under the bubble blanket that covered every inch of the body that was out of the water. The bubbles stayed through my whole soak.

It has become my Friday night routine to soak in a bath bomb or a bubble bath. I was expecting a deep tarty, citrusy smell covering my entire bathroom but I ended up with the least fragrance from the waters. It had a faint fragrance to it that too noticeable only if I took a waft.

Thinking I made a mistake by dividing the bubble bar in four pieces the next week I took a bath with all the three remaining parts. But to my disappointment, the smell just was not strong enough. It was as faint as the first bath with just a quarter of the bubble bar.

The water was deeper purple this time as expected. After a good 20 minutes of soak my skin was left smooth and supple and silky to touch. I did not need a moisturiser that night. My skin also had a faint fragrance even after 12 hours.

This bubble Bar is good after A long tiring day to unwind and relax. The right time to take a bath to relax is two hours before your sleeping time. This way you will sleep much better.

If you plan on combining some of their bath products for example a bath bomb and a bubble bar you can still just use a quarter of the dome as it created great amount of bubbles just that it lacked the fragrance but that will be compensated by the bath bomb.

More Photos, Demo of LUSH Bubble Bath Bar

LUSH Plum Snow Bubble Bar Review, Demo size

LUSH Plum Snow Bubble Bar Review, Demo backside

LUSH Plum Snow Bubble Bar Review, Demo MBF Blog

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LUSH Plum Snow Bubble Bar Review, Demo 2

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Pros of LUSH Plum Snow Bubble Bar

1. Relaxing
2. Big bar
3. Moisturising
4. Smell lingers for 12 hours
5. Does not dry out skin
6. No tub residue
7. Does not tint skin or nails
8. Beautiful coloured water
9. Big mountains of fluffy bubbles
10. Long lasting bubbles

Cons of LUSH Plum Snow Bubble Bar

1. Faint smell

Plum rain is one of their most loved product range I was a little disappointed with the bubble bar but I will give the shower gels from their all year round plum rain range a try.

MBF advises

1. Make baths a bedtime routine for a deeper sleep
2. Do not cross the time limit for a bath which is between 15 to 30 minutes in.
3. Pruning of your fingers is a good sign that you should start winding up your bath.
4. This bubble bar is more suitable before bedtime as it unwinds and relaxes you

MBF Rating

4.5/ 5

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