LUSH Shooting Stars Soap Review

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LUSH Shooting Stars Soap Review: Of all things lush, soaps are one of the few products that will last you for many washes without a doubt And will feel like money well spent. I wasn’t keen on buying soaps, but bought this one in one of the gift sets. Today I am reviewing “shooting stars soap” which made its second appearance in LUSH’s 2017’s holiday edition.

LUSH Shooting Stars Soap Review

About LUSH Shooting Stars Soap

This zesty lime and lemon oil soap feels just as good after lights out as it does before nights out. Lemon oil from groves of Sicily makes this soap a fantastic wake up call before heading out to party, while also providing instant cheer on a night in with yourself. Joyous colour, lustres and uplifting bergamot oil evoke sensational shooting stars, so stroke over skin for a stream of scent as tantalising as sherbet.

Ingredients in LUSH Shooting Stars Soap

Water (Aqua) Propylene Glycol Rapeseed Oil and Coconut Oil Glycerine Bergamot Oil Sicilian Lemon Oil Star Fruit Puree Sodium Chloride Citric Acid Cornstarch Sodium Bicarbonate EDTA Tetrasodium Etidronate Sodium Hydroxide Synthetic Fluorphlogopite Calcium Sodium Borosilicate Maltodextrin Iron Oxides *Citral *Linalool Citronellol Colour 19140

LUSH Shooting Stars Soap Review blog

Price of LUSH Shooting Stars Soap

$ 8.50 per 100 g in USA
AED 3.75 per piece in UAE

In Detail LUSH Shooting Stars Soap Review and My Experience

It comes naked in a gift or in a paper packaging when bought separately. There’s a big wheel of this soap with different colors. neon colored pink, green, yellow, orange stars embedded in a dark pastel purple base.

LUSH Shooting Stars Soap Review MBF Blog

I happened to get a orange bar with a neon yellow star. A roughly rectangle bar, the surface has silver specks of glitter. Sadly the colored star had melted in the package, and only the orange color remained with a star engraved in it.

The Bright, Refreshing, Zesty scent of the soap will surely brighten your day and mood. Brimming with citrus oils the scent reminds me of delicious lemony sherbets. If you are a citrus, fruity scent lover you will love this.

The scent intensifies in the shower. The soap lathers fairly well and creates gorgeous suds. The soap felt a little harsh in the first few showers as it’s not a smooth soap, it has particles for exfoliating, and I wasn’t expecting that from this bar of soap. Now that I am down to half the soap, its less harsh on the skin and feels like a gentle exfoliation. The specks of glitter on the surface go away after first few washes but there glistening gold dust in the soap which leaves your skin glowing. If you look closely you will notice a few shimmer particles on your skin, nothing too overwhelming. The scent is vibrant and good for morning showers as it will wake you up.

The soap leaves your skin squeaky clean, it doesnot dry out the skin but also doesnot moisturize. The scent lingers for only over an hour on the skin.

I have enjoyed this soap all through dark cold winter days, as this lifted my mood and helped me get on with my day. I will save some for the hot sticky summer days. This was a Christmas soap but is surely a hit in all seasons.

LUSH Shooting Stars Soap Review MBF

LUSH Shooting Stars Soap Review on MBF

Pros of LUSH Shooting Stars Soap

  1. Bright zesty scent
  2. Cleanses
  3. Does not dry out skin
  4. Scent lingers for over an hour

Cons of LUSH Shooting Stars Soap

  1. Limited edition
  2. Not moisturising enough.

MBF Advises

  1. Keep soaps in a well drained dish in between the showers to last long.
  2. You can even cut up the soap for it to last long.
  3. Pair with a similar scented body conditioner for supple moisturised skin.

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  1. I love lush products and something zesty would be perfect for summers. How I wish they didn’t shut shop in India.


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