LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb Review, Demo

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LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb Review, Demo: Sleep deprivation and Motherhood goes hand in hand, I find myself sleep deprived on most days. when I get time to sleep, most nights I am just tossing and turning in bed and 8756 positions and several hours later I find myself drifting to sleep, and that’s the exact second my toddler will need me to comfort him. There goes my sleep. This is my every night story!

LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb Review, Demo

After hearing raves about this bath bomb from LUSH called ‘TWILIGHT ‘I picked it up to give it a go as its supposed to relax, help you unwind at night and make you sleepy.

About LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb

Recreate the magic of a dreamy, starry night in your tub with our most relaxing bath bomb yet. As Twilight slowly fizzes away in the tub, its dusky pink exterior gives way to streams of purple, and finally to a deep indigo hue with delicate shimmering stars. Relaxing lavender oil and comforting tonka absolute soothe stressed bodies and minds, leaving you feeling warm, fuzzy and ready for a restful slumber.

How to Use LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb

Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and lie back to enjoy its lovely color and gorgeous fragrance.

Price of LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb

$ 6.95 for 6.3 oz in USA
C$ 6.95 for 200 g in Canada
€ 4.25 for 200 g in Europe, France, Germany
£ 3.50 for 200 g in UK, Scotland
A$ 6.95 for 200 g in Australia
S$ 13.50 for 200 g in Singapore
MYR 99.00 for 200 g in Malaysia
AED 119.00 for 200 g in UAE, Dubai

LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb Review, Demo animal testing

In Detail LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb Review, Demo and My Experience

It comes in a paper packaging. The dry bomb is a pastel pink sphere with cream specks all over. With a Moon and stars on the top half of the sphere, depicting the night sky. The bath bomb Is huge, weighing almost 200gms.This bathbomb is available all year around. It shares the scent with two other products, a mist with the same name ‘Twilight’, and a body lotion called ‘sleepy’.

The dry bomb smells of powdery lavender, amazingly floral, one of the main reasons I picked it up.

This layered beauty puts up quite a show, It is a slow fizzer and goes on for about 5 minutes, The bomb starts fizzing out pastel pink/purple clouds, giving way to pastel blue layer which has silver glitter in it, it swirls around the tub rotating every now and then.

After the bomb dissolves completely the blue and the pink merges and its supposed to look like the night sky deep purple with glittery stars but I was disappointed to see what looked like murky, dirty water..

The almost grey water was a slight put off for me, and I couldn’t keep from thinking that its dirty water. Also there was almost no smell from the waters. Although I was irked by the color of the water it definitely Unwinds, relaxes and helps put you to sleep.

After the soak my skin was softened and perfumed. The scent lingered for more than a couple of hours.

As summer approaches I have my eyes on the body mist , and I plan to try that to see if it works better than the bathbomb.

This bathbomb needs no work afterwards, no residue, it dint tint the tub.

LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb Demo

LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb Review, Demo MBF Blog

LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb Review, Demo MBF

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Pros of LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb

  1. Huge
  2. Smells great dry
  3. Puts on a show
  4. Slow fizzer
  5. Satisfying fizzing sound
  6. Glittery
  7. Leaves skin soft
  8. Relaxing
  9. Perfumed my body
  10. No residue
  11. No need to scrub tub

Cons of LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb

  1. Left the water looking dirty
  2. No smell from the water

MBF Advises

  1. Best before bed

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  1. Wow. Quite an unique product Sara.I have never tried anything from Lush till date. Sounds interesting. So the bath bombs are for 1 time use only is what I conclude.


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