Meylon Paris Compact Powder Review

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Hi everyone, I am writing a review after a long time. Today I am going to write about a budget friendly brand called Meylon. It is practically available in all the beauty stores and in the beginning I was not confident in trying this brand. But now I am really liking it for the affordability of the products.

Meylon Paris Compact Powder Review

Claims for Meylon Paris Compact Powder

Meylon Paris Compact powder has a formula that is jet-milled into ultra-fine particles for an air-soft, ultra-silky texture. Available in an attractive shiny box the pack comes with a suede-touch puff that smoothes onto skin evenly, effortlessly, for an exquisite finish.

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It is sold for around Rs. 500/- You can always get a discount if you buy it online.


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In Detail Meylon Paris Compact Powder Review and My Experience

Meylon compact powder comes in a very nice dark black coloured pan. There is a transparent lid through which we can have a look at the actual product. Melon has also given a powder puff which I really like. I normally used to use the Lakme 9 to 5 compact powder but one day I was at my beauty store and just thought I will give this a try. Meylon compact comes in a lot of shades, I got the shade 504 for my fair-medium skin tone.

The compact texture is really smooth and very finely milled. I like how satiny it feels on my skin. It has a slight smell of flowers and I love it while I am applying this in the mornings

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How I Use it

I have been using it everyday when I goto work. I usually apply light makeup and then on top I finish with this compact powder in gentle patting manner. I never rub the compact puff on my facial skin.


The compact surprisingly is quite nice. It controls oils on my face well. I usually travel my the metro train and it really gets hot inside with so much of rush. My skin used to get so oily amidst all of this but now I can really see the difference. My skin does not get so oily and my makeup keeps looking fresh.

The only problem would be, it does work only for around 3-4 hours. After this my skin starts getting oily if I am exposed to hot temperature. Another down side of the product is, it is not very blendable. If I apply more than normal, my makeup starts looking powdery (if you know what I mean). So if you are buying this, always apply it in moderate quantity. I also wish there was a mirror provided with this product.

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Pros of Meylon Paris Compact Powder

1. Nice packaging.
2. Works well on controlling the oils
3. Budget friendly.
4. Brightens the skin.
5. Did not cause any breakouts or skin irritation.
6. Smells nice.

Cons of Meylon Paris Compact Powder

1. Not as long lasting as I would have expected.
2. Starts looking powdery if over applied.
3. The brand is not very well marketed.
4. Not very blendable.

MBF Advices

1. I highly recommend this to all the ladies but make sure you wear proper sunscreen.
2. Always brush off extra powder from face to achieve a sculpted look.
3. Its very important to blend the compact well otherwise it can end up looking patchy.
4. Never forget to powder you neck because we want an even looking makeup.

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