Motives Mardi Gras Lip and Eye Palette Review

Motives Mardi Gras Lip and Eye Palette Review

Hii my lovelies!! 

I hope this post finds everyone in a festive mood!! I am so excited!!

Motives Mardi Gras Lip and Eye Palette Review

So today I am going to swatch the contents of a palette which I got in one of my vellvette boxes. It is the mardi gras palette. Earlier this month I was going through my stuff when I rediscovered it. 

Now, I know this baby did not receive very welcoming reviews in the beginning but I suppose this is not that bad after all. I have a love and hate relationship with it. I do like some stuff it has. 

So this palette contains 9 different products. Three eyeshadows, three lip colours and three lip glosses. 
I find the concept is pretty neat as you are getting so many different stuff in here. Also because we got this in the subscription boxes, it was a pretty good deal. For the price I paid, I say I love it. 

Jumping on the swatches and the review, this is all what it contains. 

Motives Mardi Gras Lip and Eye Palette Review

Top Row- Eye Shadows

Now the top row is the eyeshadows. Yes, it’s a lot of product in there isn’t it? The shades chosen are very wearable I would say. They are not too dramatic neither too subtle. 

Motives Mardi Gras Lip and Eye Palette Review

As you can see from the swatches, the pigmentation is average. The texture of the eyeshadows in fine and nothing too powdery. 


I specially love the green. It is such a pretty shade. It has just the right amount of oomph! I have worn it twice for some occasions and I loved it. 


Well, clearly I do not know how to define the basic pigment here, but well, I just cannot use this as an eye shadow. I use this mostly as base. Like you know, to even out the eye area after applying primer. It neutralises and makes the eyelids very toned. I then apply whatever colour I have to apply next. 


This has lesser pigmentation that the rest of the two. I have used it once and I wasn’t impressed with the colour or how it looked on the eyelids. 

Motives Mardi Gras Lip and Eye Palette Review

Staying power of eyeshadows is 3-4 hours maximum. If you have oily eyelids, then don’t expect them to say even for that long! But you can always use them if you are going out for a couple of hours or you are putting on some very light make up. 

Bottom Row- Left semicircles – Lipsticks

Motives Mardi Gras Lip and Eye Palette Review

We have three lip colours here. Can’t really call them lip sticks because duh! they are not in stick form 😛

Motives Mardi Gras Lip and Eye Palette Review

There is this bright slightly coral red, a pretty nudish peach shade and a violet shade. The pigmentation is okay. I don’t think they are too moisturising, but they don’t cause dryness either. You either need to moisturise the lips well before using them or you need gloss on top. The staying power is 2-3 hours which I am afraid isn’t so good. 

Bottom Row-Right semicircles – Lip glosses

First one is this bright peachy purplish shade which reflects light so well. I can see myself using this almost on its own without a lipstick underneath. It has good pigmentation and a texture is creamy. 

Motives Mardi Gras Lip and Eye Palette Review

Second is this more pinkish gloss which doesn’t flatter me much. I am not really a great fan of this shade in itself basically but I do layer it up with some other lipstick. Well, as you know, you can always mix and blend. Make up is an Art ladies and gentlemen 🙂

Motives Mardi Gras Lip and Eye Palette Review

Third is a clear gloss. Consistency is thick. I don’t know why I even swatched it, it is hardly visible lol 😛 I have used it just to layer it on top of my lipsticks, but well, it starts making them bleed. Thus I avoid it. 

The applicator which came with it, well I just don’t use it. I used them for swatching before when I got this palette and thats it.

Overall I would say this is a pretty good palette for beginners and those who are new to make up. It would be a great gift for teenage girls, who are just getting into make up. But I don’t see myself reaching out for this much, though it gives me average satisfaction. I would however like to finish it off. 

Tell me how did you use this palette of yours, because I am pretty sure many of you got it in their vellvette boxes. 

Ashu 🙂 

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