Muji Skincare Face Soap Scrub Review

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Hello everyone, How are you doing? So it’s been a while since I did a skincare review. Some of you may not have heard about this brand, so let me give a small introduction. Muji is a Japan based brand. It recently opened its flagship store at Mumbai palladium. I was very excited to see this brand coming to India. This brand is mostly known for making products from 100% natural ingredients. Also guys, if you are looking for an option for buying an empty makeup vanity or creating your makeup drawers which are made of plastic and super lightweight, you don’t need to search on Amazon or any other website since you can directly find them all in Muji. This is my first product from muji, so I am quite excited to review this for you all. So let’s get started with the Muji Skincare Face Soap Scrub Review.

Muji Skincare Face Soap Scrub Review

Claims for Muji Skincare Face Soap Scrub

Contains peach kernel scrub as an exfoliating component to thoroughly remove dirt from pores and dead skin. Contains witch-hazel extract as a firming component. – Fragrance free, Artificial color free, Mineral oil free, Alcohol free

How to Use Muji Skincare Face Soap Scrub

Take a pea size amount of product in your palm and then massage the product on your skin for about a minute or so and then rinse your face with lukewarm water.


Muji Skincare Face Soap Scrub Review mbf

Price of Muji Skincare Face Soap Scrub

₹ 350.00 for 30 grams in India. (travel size)
$ 4.60 for 30 grams in the USA. (travel size)
£ 2.95 for 30 grams in the UK. (travel size)

The quantity is quite less for the price I feel.

In Detail Muji Skincare Face Soap Scrub Review and My Experience

The muji face soap scrub comes in a small plastic squeeze tube packaging. The tube is very small and hence is convenient as well as travel friendly. The packaging is very simple. Nothing attractive.

On the back side of the packaging there is a small label stuck in, which mentions details such as manufacture, expiry, how to use the product, price etc.

Muji skincare face scrub comes in two sizes. One is a bigger size and other is smaller size. I decided to pick up the smaller tube so that I can try and test the the product before buying the full size.

Muji Skincare Face Soap Scrub Review mbf blog

It has very small apricot particles in a white coloured base creamy base of moderate to thick consistency. I like the fact that it has absolutely no fragrance in it. This makes me fall in love with this face scrub even more.

While working this face scrub on my skin, the apricot particles present in this face wash does not hurt the skin. After exfoliating my skin with this scrub my skin feels super cleansed and well exfoliated.

I notice that this face wash removes all the dirt and impurities from my face. Leaves the skin feeling very soft. This is a face scrub which people with all skin types can use. I would really recommend this to the beauties with sensitive skin type because I have sensitive skin too and it has been working pretty good for me.

Overall I really like this face scrub so far and have been reaching for it more often than any other face scrub I have.

I am definitely going to pick up its full size soon, once I use this up.

Muji Soap Scrub Swatches

Muji Skincare Face Soap Scrub Review swatches

Pros of Muji Skincare Face Soap Scrub

1) Very simple and travel friendly packaging.
2) Made of natural ingredients.
3) Removes dirt and impurities.
4) Leaves skin super soft and smooth.
5) Beads present in the face scrub doesn’t hurt my skin.
6) Good for people with all skin types

Cons of Muji Skincare Face Soap Scrub

1) Availability is limited.
2) Less quantity provided for the price.

Would I recommend Muji Skincare Face Soap Scrub

Yes definitely. I am so in love with this face scrub.

MBF Advises

1) Use this face scrub once or twice a week.
2) Massage the face scrub for about 2 min and then rinse off with a lukewarm water or normal temperature water.
3) Please pre-test this product as it may not be an appropriate option during active breakouts.
4) Only pea size amount is required to exfoliate your skin so be careful how much you squeeze out.

MBF Rating


Let me know in the comments below if you have tried anything from this brand 😉


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